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My Barbie Collection Display and Storage 2021


I finally have my own bookshelf with Barbies! On display! In my apartment! For everyone to see!

This is such an important step for me. Some of you may remember when I was saying “oh, I don’t want to display my Barbies because then my flatmates will think I’m weird.” Well! I feel like I have overcome that fear completely. My flatmate noticed my dolls on display and didn’t say anything at all! (I think she was surprised but didn’t want to be rude)

Also! I was talking to one of my friends and she mentioned that I didn’t have any hobbies, all I do is work. (Which is true. I’m kind of a workaholic).

I responded, “yes I do! My hobby is learning about financial investments.” (cue the eye-roll) “And working out! And collecting Barbies! And learning Japanese!” (see how I snuck that one in there?)

This was the first time I ever mentioned Barbie collecting to one of my “adult friends.” (Some of my childhood friends know but I feel like that’s a different situation, because we have been friends since we were literally 5 years old).

Anyway, my friend scoffed and said “you don’t collect Barbies! You just made that up!”

I said “yes I do!” and told her I would send her a picture of my collection when I got home. So, I did. She said “wow, you actually do!” and laughed. And that was it! I can’t believe I was so worried to tell my friends when it’s not even a big deal.

On a more negative note, my sister told one of her friends that I collect Barbies. And her friend said, “aw, does your sister have down syndrome?” Which was a bit weird, I thought! It was a genuine, honest-to-God question, too.

Anyway! I am getting ridiculously sidetracked. The point of this story is that putting my dolls on display, as a seemingly normal adult with a normal job, was not as difficult or scary as I imagined. Let’s get on with the post!

This is the bookcase that I bought to display. It’s the BILLY from IKEA, but in the half size. I wanted the half size because I want to put a mirror on top.

Let’s start at the top! Up here we have my Collector “The Look” City Shine Gold Dress doll, redressed in 2009 Fashionista Wild’s dress. She makes a fantastic “display doll.”

I toyed with the idea of having a Barbie Dreamhouse playset on top of the bookcase (because I wanted to re-do it and recolour everything), but then I realised that it would end up being really tall (because the Dreamhouse is three floors high!) and I would end up having trouble reaching it.

On the next floor, we have my Totally Real Barbie House playset. I love, love this playset! It’s so realistic. Here’s the living room.

Here’s the bathroom…

And here’s the kitchen!

I really like having the house permanently set up, so I can write photostories without having to set everything up and pack everything up, which to be honest is a really big hassle! (Of course I will have seperate “scenes” like the coffee shop, or a shopping mall, or whatever, which will need to be set up, but the main house will be always ready to go!)

I’m not sure what to do with this level yet! It’s too short, so none of the dolls can stand up, which makes it tricky for a diorama. Perhaps a coffee shop diorama, where everyone is sitting down? Unfortunately, I can’t make the top level any shorter, or the house won’t fit, and I can’t make the bottom level shorter, because otherwise the storage boxes won’t fit! It’s a bit of a dilemma.

I suppose I can always move the storage boxes somewhere else, then make another diorama on the middle floor. But I digress! That’s a problem for another day.

Anyway here’s the bottom level, it’s just storage. I wanted to have everything close by so I can change the doll’s outfits easily.

This basket is for clothes, it’s from IKEA as well. I love these boxes because they are kind of see-through, so you know what’s inside. I have lots in the pantry as well.

This basket is for little furniture pieces, it’s from Kmart. I got the basket for my birthday last year, but they still sell it.

For all my extra stuff (like spare dolls and any “big” furniture pieces, like chairs, tables, etc.), I put them in this box under my bed. I don’t need to access this stuff all the time, so I keep it hidden away.

When I get a proper house (not an apartment), I want to use the second room as a spare bedroom / study / Barbie room.

BILLY Bookcase, white, 80x28x202 cm

My idea is to have this full-sized BILLY bookcase on one side of the room. This can be for dioramas, storage, doll display, etc. Then, next to it, I want to put a desk with my computer. (The computer is for normal work purposes). I can also use the desk to work on crafting projects and whatnot.

BILLY Bookcase, white, 80x28x106 cm

Then, on the other side of the desk, I will put my half-sized BILLY bookcase (the one I have now) for more dioramas, storage and doll displays. Then on the other side of the room I will put a spare bed for guests. (If they’re creeped out by all the dolls staring at them as they sleep, well, that’s their problem! Har har.)

So that’s my plan! Not to be dramatic or anything, but it’s nice to see things slowly coming together. Slowly, slowly, I am achieving my dreams!

7 thoughts on “My Barbie Collection Display and Storage 2021

  1. Your display looks nice. Well done on “coming out” as a collector. It’s not so easy. I don’t think I could have done it at your age. it took me a few years of collecting before I started to tell people about my hobby. As for your sister’s friend I am afraid that there are always going to be people like that. Don’t let them bother you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Don’t worry, I won’t! It’s just so bizarre! Like one of those things that just makes you go “uh…what?” Haha.

      For me I think the main change was that instead of being shy about it, now I’m trying to own it! Like “yeah, I collect Barbies! 💪 And what about it?”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aweee congrats on telling them you collect barbies! I could never tell my friends- I think it’s weird to collect barbies at 14 because it’s like I’m still a child, but since your 20 something it’s more so viewed as a hobby.
    Also the Down syndrome thing had me laughing out loud. That’s awful but so funny at the same time. 😂
    One more thing- do you live in the United Kingdom? I couldn’t help but notice you called apartment ‘flat’!


    1. No, it’s not weird at all!!! That’s EXACTLY how I felt at 14 too! For some reason, I felt like adults were “allowed” to collect Barbies but teenagers weren’t? You are 100% definitely allowed to call yourself a collector!

      I was sooo embarrassed going to the shops to buy Barbie at 14. (And 15, and 16, and 17…) Sometimes I would even buy a “happy birthday” card to make it seem like they were for someone else, or I would tell the checkout operator “these aren’t for me.” (Even though they definitely were!) But nowadays, even though it is difficult sometimes, I try to be “unapologetically me.” Easier said than done, I know!

      Oh! And I live in Australia! Sometimes I say ‘apartment,’ sometimes I say ‘flat,’ sometimes I say ‘unit…’ Depends on the day lol.


    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know they sold extra shelves! I just looked it up and they come in SO MANY COLOURS!

      What a fantastic idea!! I am definitely going to get on that!

      Liked by 1 person

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