Three MORE Barbie Social Media Accounts You Have to Check Out!

Hi everyone! Today I am back with another post in this “Barbie Social Media” series. Once again, I have another three fabulous accounts for you to check out! I have been following all these accounts myself for many years (since I first started getting into Barbie more seriously), and I think they definitely deserve to be featured!

If you haven’t already, check out the previous version of this post here.

Oh man, if you were going to ask me “who is your biggest Barbie inspiration?” I would probably say Fashionisto2k on Flickr, who is seriously ~the best~ Barbie stylist / photographer / hairdresser to ever exist.

Image result for fashionisto2k

I mean, just look at this! His photos are always jaw dropping, I simply cannot imagine the work that goes into every single image.

Image result for fashionisto2k

Not to mention, Fashionsto2k also creates storylines to go along with the photos -think complicated plots with crime, drama and of course, stylish fashions!

Related image

If you’ve been in the Barbie world long enough, you have probably already seen a bunch of “The Most Popular Girls in School” memes and quotes. This is because The Most Popular Girls in School on YouTube has over 922 thousand subscribers, and is actually a “mainstream thing.” (For example, I have overheard lots of conversations about this series irl, from random people who don’t even like Barbie!)

Related image

The series is entered around a group of students at Overland Park High School and oh gosh, it’s probably one of the funniest web series on YouTube. It doesn’t seem particularly exciting at first, but as you go on, you soon realise that all the episodes are interwoven together to create a dramatic storyline.

While there are plenty of Barbie stop-motion videos for children, this one definitely fits into the “teen / adult Barbie stop motion” niche.

Warning: Lots of swearing and other inappropriate references! Again, not for children.

The series began in 2012, so the first season is a little low-budget, but I promise, the dialogue and storyline makes up for it! As you go further on, things get much more high-quality, with impressive outfits, set design, more voices and improved stop motion.

I would recommend starting from Season 5. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Everything Dolls is catered more towards a “family friendly” audience. Kelsey creates stop motion videos, thrift shop hauls, music videos, reviews, doll makeovers and more!

Image result for everything dolls

All of her content is extremely high quality, and I really recommend checking out her channel! While her stop-motion videos may be aimed more towards children, they are still a great way to pass the time as they are super entertaining.

My personal favourites are her ‘doll makeover’ videos. I wish I could reroot that well! Her sets are also really amazing, I am jealous 😛

What Barbie social media accounts do you recommend? Have you heard of any of these creators before?

4 thoughts on “Three MORE Barbie Social Media Accounts You Have to Check Out!

  1. Cool! I’ve heard of The Most Popular Girls in School, but I’ve never watched any of their videos.

    I have, however, watched Everything Dolls! I’m not a subscriber (YouTube won’t let me as I’m not a member, Lol), but Kelsey’s videos are super entertaining and, as you said, family-friendly! Which, even though I’m fifteen, I still stick with. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie rated PG-13!

    I have another YouTube channel I really like. One is MyFroggyStuff. I mean, they have over a million subscribers! Plus, their craft videos are really, really cool! (Even though I’ve never attempted any!)

    Oh, and Holly, one more thing. I don’t know if you watched the opening for Dreamhouse Adventures yet, but if you haven’t, you totally should! I probably sound like I’m pressuring you, but there’s two never before seen characters! (Though often mentioned!)

    I’m at the point where I’m about to burst in excitement! Holly, I know I promised I wouldn’t spoil anything, and I’m really sorry, but I just have to tell you this….

    Dreamhouse Adventures is going to feature Barbie’s parents! I’m not making this up, I promise! The two of them were in the opening video! (I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have spoiled it! Please forgive me! I guess I’ve been going super crazy ever seen I saw Barbie’s parents!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, don’t worry, I watched it before I read your comment! Straight after I posted my last comment, I ran to the link (er, hypothetically ran) and had a look. I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS! I’ve noticed heaps of advertisement on Barbie’s Instagram Story, so hopefully we should get more content soon (maybe bloopers, behind the scenes, short teasers, meet the characters, etc.)

      I find it really weird that they’re introducing that Daisy character… Like, doesn’t Barbie have enough friends already for goodness sake? Although I’m glad that Renee is back, I assumed we wouldn’t see her again after Spy Squad. And yay for the regular characters, of course. I think Ken will have a bigger role than I thought.

      One thing I found was that the opening sequence repeated a LOT of footage from the trailer -like, surely there’s more to the plot than that? If the series is short, why bother advertising it so much?

      Oh gosh. I can’t believe we’re finally seeing Barbie’s parents in the 21st century. This is gonna be interesting… (Oh, and yes, I really like MyFroggyStuff as well)


  2. I have never heard of any of these, but I’ll try to check them out. The only social media I have in Musical.ly, which there isn’t much on. There is ToriAndLili who make some good stop motion but they aren’t too popular.

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