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Decluttering Again

I’ve done some decluttering again! I went through all my doll stuff and worked out what to sell, what to keep and what to throw away. This is the result:


Yikes, I know! Look at all that stuff! This is everything I am selling (don’t worry – I still have lots of other stuff!) And what’s particularly horrifying is that my collection is pretty small at the moment; a few years ago, I probably would have owned at least 10 or 20 times this amount!*

*That sounds ridiculous, but at one point I had well over 100 dolls, 5 big houses, 3 cars, 5 horses, a cruise ship, a camper-van, a princess carriage, lots of playsets, every single DVD, bags and bags of clothes…

Plus, if we are including craft items, I also had a school with a gym and several classrooms, a spaceship (that was an odd time), several cardboard houses and a cafe! If I had laid it out, it would have taken up the whole floor! So I have definitely gotten a LOT better with keeping things to a minimum.

I won’t bother to show all the furniture and clothing I am keeping (it’s a bit hard to take pictures, since it’s all in storage boxes and is not particularly interesting), but I will show the dolls I have left!

I have 17 dolls left in total! (not including baby and toddlers) Pretty good!

Throughout my collecting years, I have owned a fair amount of dolls that were near-mint and HTF, but I just felt that even though they were “rare” or “special,” I didn’t actually ...like them that much? So I just sold them. Now I don’t care if a doll is HTF or not, I’ll only keep it if I like it.

Here we have:

-Princess Edeline, 2006, 12 Dancing Princesses (I have owned 4 dolls from this series in the past, but now I just have this one as I feel her face is the prettiest!)

-Princess Delancy, 2011, Princess Charm School (I used to own the schoolgirl version, which I was absolutely thrilled to find on eBay for a decent price, but I ended up only keeping the ballgown one since I didn’t actually need two versions of the same character.)

-Cali Girl Barbie, 2006/7? (always my favourite beach doll!)

-Princess Anneliese and Queen Erika, 2004, Princess and the Pauper (my HG dolls! I wanted these for years and ended up getting them from a local young collector, which was really lovely!)

-Midge, 2003, Happy Family (I used to own the whole family and I’m really upset that the other dolls broke / got lost, because it would have been nice to have them all together)

Here we have:

-Drew, 2006/7?, Fashion Fever (I love her expressive face!)

-Andrew, unknown (possibly a Fashion Fever doll? I love her face too!)

-Catrina, unknown (a classic character from my previous Aquifolia High series! She’s so fun. Possibly another FF doll.)


Here we have:

-Ryan, 2012, Fashionista Clutch W2 (the only male doll I’ve ever owned that is both articulated and has real hair!)

-Chris, 2017, Petite Fashionista (I haven’t really used this doll much before but I’ve seen pictures where she looks fantastic on a MTM body, so I want to use her for projects in the future)

Here we have:

-Barbie, 2018 MTM Ski Doll (gotta have an official “Barbie” in there somewhere, right?)

-Chloe, 2018 Fashionista

-Neko, 2017 Barbie Style Glam Night

-Jessica, 2018 Fashionista (my #1 favourite doll!)

-Princess Aimee, 2017 MTM Blue Top

-Kayla, 2006/7?, Fashion Fever

SO! That is where my collection stands at the moment. Remember, almost a year ago now, when I did a lot of decluttering because I was planning on moving out? Well, I’ve started inspecting houses again and hopefully I can move out soon! (second time lucky!) Which is great, in general, but not-so-great for my doll storage situation. So that’s why I’ve been decluttering some more lately.

Sidenote: It’s really difficult to move out. Somebody I know said it took them 20 applications to get approved for a property, and I thought they were joking, but now I realise that is a perfectly normal number. It’s seriously hard.

However, I will definitely have to have another big declutter again, because the space will obviously be really limited. Like, suitcase-under-the-bed-because-there’s-no-room-for-a-wardrobe kind of limited. But I’ll get to that later! There’s only so much I can bare to part with at once.

It sucks in particular because I have a lot of other interests which are also pretty obscure and take up a lot for room, so I have to prioritise what kind of stuff I can keep. Like, do I keep my stash of k-beauty? My doll furniture collection? My filming equipment? My video game collection? My books? I have too many hobbies! I can’t fit all this stuff into one drawer!

ANYWAY, I am completely off-topic now. So I’ll see you next time, I guess!

-PACE! ❤

6 thoughts on “Decluttering Again

  1. Hey Holly! Remember me? Lol. I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve left a comment. I’m still reading your blog, however, but life’s just been pretty crazy lately. My dad and I are in the process of remodeling our house, which has been kinda stressful. I just keep telling myself it’ll all be worth it in the end.

    Anyway, so, I was thinking the other day about Dreamhouse Adventures, and really just what’s next for Barbie as a brand. Like you, I was not very interested in the series and only watched the first season. I don’t know how well the series has been received, but I just couldn’t help but wonder how much longer Mattel will continue producing it.

    Also. I was looking through some of your older posts the other day and I came across a series you wrote called the Cheer Diaries. Not trying to be pushy or anything, but are you still considering adding to that series? If you did, I’d totally read it! It was so well written and had everything I had hoped Dreamhouse Adventures would have had. I do realize, however, that it’s been a long time since you wrote it and you may have other plans for your blog. I was honestly worried you weren’t going to continue making new posts when there was about a two month break without any new uploads. Anyway, I know see you’re also going through a lot of stress lately with trying to purchase a new house or apartment. I will do my best to comment as much as possible, but just know I’m still reading even if I’m not commenting.


  2. Hi! Just found your blog! I am a Barbie collector and doll blogger myself, but I also collect several other kinds of dolls, including Ever After High. I like the dolls that you’ve kept in your collection.

    I can totally relate to not having space, because my husband and I both have several hobbies each, that take up soooo much room in our home. Good thing we love each other as much as our hobbies. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I quite like EAH as well! I only have a few of those though.

      I definitely have waayy too many hobbies haha. I often think my life would be a lot easier if I picked up a hobby that didn’t require so much “stuff!”


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