Three Barbie YouTube and Instagram Accounts You HAVE To Follow!

Sometimes, being a doll collector is rough. We face stares from other shoppers at the mall, raised eyebrows from cashiers and deal with awkward moments when people ask “so, what do you do in your spare time?”

Thankfully, we have the internet to help us out nowadays! Today I’d like to share three of my favourite “Barbie internet people.”

First up is Azusa Barbie! Azusa is a nail artist from LA -she’s also super fashionable, super cute and a super Barbie fan! She has lots of Barbie decor and outfits, and it’s really cool to see how somebody can decorate their home to match their interests.

Azusa has 22 thousand Instagram followers! Many people around the world admire her style, her nail art and of course, her Barbie collection.

Azusa runs a YouTube channel -my favourite video of hers is her ‘morning routine’ video. In case you aren’t aware, it was a big trend on YouTube to create morning / evening routines around 2014 / 2015. These type of videos are still very popular, and new ones are popping up even today!

Website: http://www.azusabarbie.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azusabarbie/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AzusaBarbie

The next account I will be talking about is Sam and Mickey, who I have spoken a lot about on this blog because they are just so funny! Sam and Mickey make parody stop-motion videos for YouTube and have a huugge collection of Barbie dolls, furniture and clothes. They even sew their own doll clothes and make elaborate sets to tell their stories in.

Bonus: They actually know their Barbie history! There are videos about Tutti and Todd, Kelly’s name change, etc, etc.

The girls write the scripts themselves, animate the dolls and record the voices every single month! They also post a mini video every week. I’ve included my favourite video above, although I recommend you check out their channel and have a look for yourself!

(Warning: there is some light swearing! Please do not watch if this offends you)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6W4YaL66OO7EVRZJlGcK8g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samandmickey/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/samandmickey?lang=en

Often, I quickly flick through my Instagram, double-tapping on everything (even the ads!) and I think to myself ‘wow, the photos on @BarbieStyle are really good!’

And then I realise. These photos are not from @BarbieStyle! They’re from @flademirmasiero!

Again, I have featured this account before but I just think their photos are just fantastic -surely they must be a photographer in real life!

I will definitely do another one of these photos in the future because there are so many interesting accounts I want to show you! Until then, you can check out the ‘about’ page (in the header above) where I have many links to other sites that may interest you.

Is there anybody who you think deserves to make the next list?

9 thoughts on “Three Barbie YouTube and Instagram Accounts You HAVE To Follow!

  1. Cool! I’ve never even heard of most of these, but, then again, I’m not on Instagram and I only watch a couple channels besides the official Barbie YouTube channel.

    Sam and Mickey I definitely have heard of, I’ve heard they mention Barbie’s family history. Do they ever mention Whitney, Barbie’s 1980s friend? She wasn’t around for very long, if my research proves accurate.

    Also, this is a bit random, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. You’ve heard of the Generation Girls, right? I think they included Barbie, Chelsie, Ana, Nichelle, and a few others. Well, apparently, in that line of dolls, Barbie had a different backstory. She supposedly left California to go to an International high school in New York.

    I’m pretty sure that didn’t last for more than three years or so, and then Mattel introduced the My Scene girls. The reason I’m mentioning them is because Barbie was supposed to live in New York in that line, as well.

    So maybe Mattel doesn’t want to give Barbie a consistent backstory in the hopes that people will find it more interesting? I my opinion it just makes things more confusing! Nowadays, it seems that Barbie’s friends are Nikki, Teresa, Renee, and Harper. Sadly, they never mention Christie or Midge anymore, as I wish they would. Also, I don’t see the need for Barbie to have more than maybe three friends. I guess Mattel does it this way because it provides them more money for every extra Barbie friend they sell!


    1. Generation Girls were so cool! I love the ad, and how all the girls have different personalities. I never made the connection with MyScene before, but that makes sense! I loved MyScene as well haha 😛 Have you seen the webseries or films? They were really good!

      I have vaguely heard of Whitney but tbh I don’t really care about pre 90s Barbie, it just seems “so long ago.” I don’t think they’ve mentioned her in the series.


      1. I’ve heard of the webseries and movies-I think they had at least two or three? I never watched them, though.

        Yeah, I understand why you wouldn’t care about older Barbie friends/characters, since that was a really long time ago. I remember hearing that my aunt actually had the original 1971 Malibu Barbie! I think she got it for Christmas or her birthday one year. That might be the reason why I gravitate towards older Barbie characters…as I believe I’ve mentioned before, my favorite Barbie “friend” characters are Christie, Teresa , and Midge. I spend way too much time thinking of stories surrounding these characters! (Wow, that was really random!)

        The differing personalities of the Generation Girls was what made them so unique, in my opinion. I really wish Mattel would create a Barbie line similar to it now! One could be an artist, another musician, and maybe one a really active sports player! Hmm…that sounds a lot like my Barbie fan fictions, Lol!

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  2. Oh, my gosh, Holly! Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite channels: Sam and Mickey and Azusa! First of all, I spent a good hour or two watching the behind the scenes and parody movies, which are inspiring, hilarious and smartly written–then got to enjoy Azusa’s utter adoration of all things Barbie. Great way to weed out the ‘best of’ for those of us that don’t have time to dive into the Youtube search rabbit hole. I love how Azusa is so positive and supportive about DIY. In her cabinet door making video she reminds us: “Don’t ask Ken! We can do this!!” Love it. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! There’s sooo much rubbish on YouTube, but thankfully there are a few good ones! These channels are my favourites because they are just so gosh-darn creative! There’s a few more I have in mind, hopefully I can get around to writing a new post soon xx

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  3. Ohhhh!!! I am so going to watch them. I don’t have Instagram, but I can watch YouTube. I really like Sam and Micky! Those stop motions.. they are wayy above my currant level!

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