Decluttering My Barbie Collection -Fashion and Small Accessories

Hello, gang! Are you ready for a REALLY LONG DECLUTTERING POST?

Before we begin, I would like to give a shout-out to my reusable Starbucks mug for keeping my tea nice and warm while I did all this decluttering! Yay for Starbucks!

Alright. Let’s start.


This was the situation before I began. The tubs are full with doll clothing and accessories, all organised into categories. The drawers are filled with furniture, playlets and actual dolls. Also organised into categories.

As you can see, it isn’t that bad, but I really wanted to focus my collection on the things I actually need, use and love (instead of just holding onto things that I might need for a particular scenario that likely won’t ever happen).

IMG_7971 2.jpg

First things first -this closet had to go! I originally built this to be part of Barbie’s new fashion store, but then I think I put it in somebody’s bedroom…? Needless to say, it was fun to build (instructions here), but it’s not something that I use very often. Off to the recycling bin!

Second things second -the clothes! I had all these clothes in a big plastic tub (you can scroll up if you want to see it, it’s on the shelf).

I pulled out all the clothes and sorted through everything individually. If I absolutely loved something, I could keep it. I decided not to set myself any limits because then it would be too difficult.

Needless to say, there were a lot of things that I absolutely loved! These are all the items that are either duplicates, broken, or pieces that I just generally don’t like.

On the plus side, I discovered that I didn’t actually need the entire tub just for clothes -they could simply fit in this black storage divider!

I decided to try and see if a vacuum bag would help to make things even more compact.

Look at that! (I wouldn’t recommend this for a long-term option as your clothes may get crinkled and of course, you can’t iron doll clothes. However in my case, I do want to move out soon, so this will help with transportation.)

(The bag is for scale). I could almost fit double my fashion collection in there!

Next up was shoes. I probably have way more shoes than I need!

On the left is the shoes that I wanted to keep, and on the right is shoes that I wanted to sell / donate.

Bags next! The larger pile is bags that I wanted to keep, while the smaller pile is for selling / donation.

The pile on the left is for keeping, the right is for selling / donating.

Look! All my shoes and accessories can fit into one tiny bag! I know I only got rid of a small percentage, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to do this when I started.

Did you think that was all my clothes? Nope! I still have this container to go, which is for men’s clothing, children’s clothing and bathing suits, and then I also have another tub full of princess dresses, wedding dresses, costumes, career outfits and such.

I couldn’t fit everything into one bag… Two bags it is!

This is how the tub was filling up. Not bad! (Especially since the entire plastic tub used to be filled with nothing but clothes)

Next I decided to declutter food! One tub is for cooking things (like frypans and dry pantry ingredients), and the other one is for meals (like ones that are already prepared).

The left is things that I will sell / donate, and the right is for things I am keeping.

I know it looks like I am keeping a lot here, but one thing to keep in mind is that I do declutter my collection quite regularly (I don’t always do these type of posts though), and food is one of the categories where I have just gotten rid of many things recently.

On the positive side, everything now fits into only one container!

This is my box of electronic items. I’ve also decluttered this quite recently, so there wasn’t much that I wanted to get rid of; only a DVD player, a microphone and some other junk.

This is how the box was filling up.

Next up was pet accessories / bedding / home decor. And a Korean lip tint, which was a bit weird! (But seriously, if you are looking for a good lip tint, I do recommend the Peripera brand though!)

The pile on the left was for things I will sell / donate, and the pile of the right is for things I am keeping.

As for Serafina and Wolfie in the middle, well, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them! On one hand, they’re ridiculously ugly and I never use them. On the other hand, I absolutely love my Princess and the Pauper dolls (who they came with), and I’m sure they will grow in value in the future.

I decided to keep them for now, but I may change my mind later.

These hairbrushes were quite a challenge for me to declutter… I’m not sure why! Nostalgia, perhaps? They don’t sell hairbrushes like these anymore, and ones with these colours are not very common.

Anyway, I kept them for now, but I might change my mind later.

Baby and children’s toys were next.

I didn’t realise I owned this many lunchboxes! Oh, the things you learn when you toss everything out onto your bed and actually look through your collection…

The things inside the box is what I’m decluttering, and the things outside is what I am keeping! Not a bad job! I was tempted to keep the soft bear chair, because I thought it would be REALLY CUTE decor for a baby’s room, but then I had to remind myself that I’ve never, ever made a room for a baby, and I probably won’t do so in the near future.

And this is how everything fits inside the box! ~ I’m pretty happy with the amount of things I got rid of, and this exercise shows the importance of going through things. The last time I properly “decluttered” my Barbie collection was only a few months ago, and I still found things that I didn’t really need. Regular maintenance is vital!

I still have more work to go, but that’s how things are looking at the moment.



7 thoughts on “Decluttering My Barbie Collection -Fashion and Small Accessories

  1. Good job, Holly, I’m impressed! I think this post just goes to show how many things we have but don’t really want/need, and sometimes things we’d forgotten we even owned in the first place! I know that is also true for me-I’m gonna have to declutter myself soon. I have too many clothes and accessories (not to mention dolls) that I really should get rid of. I literally have a container of some Fashionistas with the zero-articulation bodies. I should get rid of them as they aren’t practical and serve no real point since you can’t really pose them. That’s too bad, since some of them are very pretty! Hopefully Mattel will start producing some Fashionistas with articulation. Maybe they could be sort of like the Made to Move line, because that wave of dolls is really popular right now.


    1. That’s true! There were sooo many unnecessary things I found while sorting out (like tabletops that didn’t have legs, or a bike with only one wheel). I was like “…why do I still own this??”

      You could always just keep only the heads, and then rebody them if you ever get an articulated body later on. (But then I guess you’d have a box full of heads, which would be a bit of a shock for anyone who happens to stumble upon them haha…)


  2. Wow!!! Well done Holly! I’ve never gotten rid of any of my Barbie stuff, except for one pair of shoes my cousin wanted. The reason being some of my dolls STILL have tissue dresses despite getting new outfits for my birthday! There is only one dress I would be willing to give away, this ugly yellow dress made of a weird fabric and this strange cord on it, but I’m keeping it so the doll won’t be back in a paper dress, like she was earlier this year.
    Well, I hope your move goes well.


    1. Aha that reminds me of when I didn’t have much Barbie clothes and I would make all my dresses out of socks! (…which I stole from my sister) They were pretty ugly, I was not very good at it. 😂

      You should Google “Jian paper dress” and check out some of the amazing dresses that this collector makes from his dolls -out of toilet paper and napkins! It’s amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh cool! I’ve made one sock dress (which is currently being used as a skirt), and I’ve been embroidering another for… about three or four months now? Gosh, I really should finish it!!
        Hmm, I’ll definitely google it! I’ve never used toilet paper, but I have used the cardboard roll!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Holly, this was a very satisfying post! Barbie clothes organisation has been a real challenge for me, but now I just keep them in a plastic drawer contraption thing and every now and then I get rid of clothes I don’t like. Btw I follow you on Instagram if you remember and I just recently started my blog!


    1. Yes, I remember! I looked at your account earlier today actually! Isn’t that a coincidence haha. I’ve had a quick look at your blog (followed, of course), but I’m going to have a big read of everything later on!

      Also, clothes organisation sucks -mostly because I’m afraid I’ll regret getting rid of something!

      Liked by 1 person

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