How To Store Barbie Shoes + My Top 5 Favourite Shoes

It’s tricky to store doll shoes. They’re small, so they’re very easy to get lost or sucked up by the vacuum. And we all know, if you’ve lost one shoe, you might as well throw away the other one!

(Just kidding. If you find a shoe that doesn’t have a pair, put it aside in a seperate container to match up if you find another. If you don’t find a pair within a designated time (eg, 24 months), then DIY or throw it away.)

This is how I store my shoes. Look at all that pink! In the long tub, I have all my ‘general shoes’ that fit most Barbies. In the middle two, I have my ‘children’s shoes’ and my ‘boots.’ In the last row I have my ‘men’s shoes,’ ‘shoes without a pair’ and ‘shoes for flat-footed dolls.’

Because I don’t have many shoes (I am constantly donating unused shoes!), it’s easy for me to store and it’s not difficult to find the exact pair I need.

Related image

Tammy from Housing a Forest, organising her doll shoes using this plastic divider. Similar to me, she groups them by category.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.15.11 pm.png

Elizabeth from Flickr organises her doll shoes by colour using a storage container intended for nails and screws.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.21.26 pm.png

A Thousand Splendid Dolls from Flickr stores her shoes by style, size and doll type. If you have lots of doll shoes, this is the way to go!

But what if you don’t have many doll shoes at all? For a long time, I had very few doll shoes, but I still kept them organised by putting them in a small plastic bag. This stopped them from flying around everywhere!

A Quick DIY For Lost Shoes

On the old Barbie website, there was a PDF explaining how to make a photo frame using lost shoes. I can’t locate it anymore, but the idea was simply to decorate a photo frame with lonely doll shoes, sparkly gems and other craft materials.

And, just for fun, here are my top five favourite shoe moulds.

Aren’t these little ankle boots cute? I am a sucker for fancy detailing like this! The pink ones came from the 2015 Football Fashion Pack.

So sparkly! So glam! I think these bejewelled shoes are so fabulous, the perfect addition to any party outfit. And bonus -they’re silver, so they go with everything. I got these with the Rock n Royals Princess Courtney Budget doll, which released in 2015.

These gold ankle boots are really glam! They came with a Teresa Fashion Fever doll, who I got second-hand. I’m not sure which exact one, but she came with a floaty green dress.

I assume they were produced around 2006?

These black shoes definitely win the award for ‘most detailed.’ They remind me of Ever After High shoes. Look at all the pretty swirls! I can’t remember where I got these shoes -they might be second-hand, I’m not sure.

Bet you weren’t expecting these to be on the list, huh?

These sandals were really popular during the early 2000s. I can’t remember where I got any of these, but they were produced in many different colours. I love these shoes because they’re so versatile! They’re perfect for adding a bit of style to an everyday outfit.

So, what about you? What are your favourite type of shoes, and how do you store them?



3 thoughts on “How To Store Barbie Shoes + My Top 5 Favourite Shoes

  1. Wow! You’re so organized! And you have a lot of really cool shoes! My favorites are the sandals. As you said, they’re very versatile.

    I just watched Barbie’s latest vlog, and I’m not really impressed. In this episode, she had Nikki on as a guest for the first time. I guess that’s all right, except I don’t quite understand how Nikki can be the same age as Barbie if she was originally supposed to be Skipper’s friend and assumed to be Christie’s younger sister. I know she has been Barbie’s friend for a long time, over a decade, but I don’t know why she and Courtney couldn’t have remained friends of Skipper.

    Anyway, back to my original point. In this vlog, the two of them cook in Barbie’s kitchen. That’s okay, but…couldn’t they have done a friend tag or something? It’s weird that they would be cooking since Barbie literally just had Ken on last time to make some cupcake recipe!

    Okay, so, I kinda wanna mention two things now, but they’re both off topic. I wanted to let you know that I’d like (I mean hit the little star thingy) your comments if I could, but as I’m not a member of WordPress the system will not allow me too. I would if I could, I promise!

    Also, I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I have an older cousin named Brittany. She turns 28 today, and my family is having a little get-together for her birthday on Sunday. I don’t know if you plan to post anything on that day, but if you do I promise I’ll see it, just maybe not until Monday. Although I realize there is a pretty big time difference between here in North Carolina and Australia, I think six hours. (Am I correct?) Anyway, just wanted to let you know those things even though they are totally unrelated, unconnected things!


    1. I haven’t watched the vlog yet but I’m glad they confirmed that Nikki and Barbie are still friends. I didn’t really like the cooking vlog with Ken, it felt like the producers tried really hard, but didn’t “quite” make it. Overall, I think the vlogs are a nice touch, but I’m not ~super obsessed~ with them. Some of them, like the challenges, are a little boring.

      Haha, you don’t have to worry about liking my posts. I’m not sure what it does, actually? Lol.

      Happy birthday for Brittany! I think the time difference is around 15 hours -it’s funny to see all the ‘happy new year’ posts on 2nd January. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about not being around. We all got things to do!


      1. Yeah, I know what you mean with the Ken vlog. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the animation. It seems like they might’ve changed it a tad bit, but I honestly don’t know. It doesn’t seem like the animation from the earlier vlogs, which is something I personally miss.

        Wow! Fifteen hours! I know New Zealand is about sixteen hours ahead from where I live, and I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest time difference between my state and anywhere else in the world. However, the states are all divided up so confusingly too. For example, here in North Carolina, it’s roughly 10:40 am, but in California, it’s roughly 7:40. So that’s definitely something we have to take into account when we’re calling relatives who live in different time zones!

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