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What’s New In The Doll Universe? (Rainbow Raver Scandal, LGBT Bratz Dolls, Princess Adventure Update, etc.)

Hello, my friends! Today I thought I would make a compliation post about some recent events in the Dollysphere that I thought might be interesting.

LOL Surprise “Rainbow Raver” Scandal 

Firstly, I wanted to talk about something that is making a BIG impact. In fact, I first heard about it from my friends who have nothing to do with dolls. It is, of course, the recent “Rainbow Raver” LOL Surprise scandal.

Basically, as we know, LOL Surprise dolls are manufactured by a company called MGA, who also produce Lalaloopsy, Bratz, Moxie and Project MC^2 dolls, and let’s just say, they have a pretty hefty track record of getting into scandals (the whole Bratz vs Barbie lawsuit, the backlash over the excess packaging in LOL surprise dolls, etc.)

Anyway, one of the most recent ordeals is about the “Rainbow Raver” doll (shown below).

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 8.02.39 pm.png

The image on the left is of influencer Amina Mucciolo, who is known for her fun rainbow clothing. And on the right is the Rainbow Raver doll, which was released three months after Mucciolo posted her outfit. Basically, Mucciolo claimed that MGA copied her hairstyle and general fashion for their own profits. She called out MGA and it was quickly picked up by social media.

Personally, I think it is obvious to see that they do look very alike.

Now, the CEO of MGA responded (who is a billionaire and known for being pretty racist), and oh my Lord, it was very unprofessional. Take a look for yourself!

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 8.03.05 pm

The backlash was terrible and the story was picked up by several mainstream media outlets. MGA responded by further explaining that the “Rainbow Raver” doll was in production since September 2018 and showed pictures of the doll in development months before Mucciolo posted her hairstyle. They explained that it takes a long time to produce a doll and it would be impossible in only three months.

Issac Larian has since deleted his Twitter account, which is probably for the best.

Whew! Personally, I think the doll looks very similar, but I don’t have a full understanding of the toy industry so I can’t really say for sure whether I think it was copied. What I do know is that Issac Larian should have definitely kept his mouth shut!

Bratz Rainbow Capitalism

And here we have another scandal from MGA! (Don’t worry, MGA Stans, I’m not picking on you. I know that Mattel has had many, many more scandals in the past)

As you may or may not know, June is Pride Month, which is when all the companies try to capitalise on how woke they are. Sometimes this is good, because not only does it help to raise awareness, a lot of brands use a portion of their revenue to raise money for LGBTIQ+ charities.

However, sometimes it can also be bad, especially when its poorly executed or just done for show (like to say “look how woke and forward-thinking we are!” without making any meaningful contribution).

Bratz recently tweeted this picture (below) of two of their dolls to celebrate pride month.

These Bratz Dolls Are Gay AF & Now We Have to Stan

At first glance, I thought “wow, fantastic!”

But then, I realised that the dolls are not canonically LGBT. The bi flag and lesbian flag (see the pin and bracelet) are photoshopped. The dolls don’t actually come wearing these, it’s just been edited on for the post.

In the Twitter post, Bratz was called out for this because frankly, this kind of post makes no meaningful impact and is just done to “look good.” If the dolls were canonically LGBT, or if they had made any sincere contribution, it would be a different story, but they really didn’t do anything aside from jump on the bandwagon.

Mattel Stock Declines 24% Since The Beginning of 2020

Yikes. You read that right, that’s a 24% decline! The toy industry in general saw a 7.4% increase in sales for the first quarter of the year, but Mattel saw a 14% decrease. Not good! Mattel really hasn’t had a very good track record these last few years, have they?

It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll go into we move further into the 2020 recession. Read more here.

New Doll Line Coming Soon “Rainbow High”

This is a new doll line from MGA. Each rainbow doll represents a different colour of the rainbow (duh). The premise is a “a colourful fashion school where everyone learns to flaunt their true colours.” (Hmm. Okay.)

Rainbow High doll box

Personally I think this line will not last very long. The dolls themselves are really cute and they have a lot of cool fashions, but I feel like the overall premise of Rainbow High is a bit simplistic. However, coupled with a cartoon Netflix mini-series and accompanying pets (we all know doll lines seem to really love accompanying pets), perhaps it might take off.

Violet Willow Rainbow High doll

Here’s the purple girl, Violet Willow.

Skyler Bradshaw Rainbow High doll

Here’s the blue girl, Skyler Bradshaw.

Sunny Madison Rainbow High doll

And here’s the yellow girl, Sunny Maddison. I won’t put the rest – you get the point.

Princess Adventure Updates

I have a few new interesting tidbits in regards to the new Barbie film, Princess Adventure.

Firstly – we know one of the songs will be called “Try It On.” I assume that will be played in the scene where Barbie is learning how to be a princess and whatnot (Barbie movies are a lot of things, but unique is not one of them).

Secondly – we know the film will be released on Netflix. I assume this will be akin to Barbie Dolphin Magic, where originally it was exclusive to the US, and then later released internationally.

Thirdly – we now know the plot! “Barbie and Princess Amelia look exactly alike! Barbie admires Amelia’s royal life, and the Princess wishes she could be carefree like Barbie. So they decide to trade places for a day. But when the princess disappears, will Barbie be able to save her?”

Wow. That is… very creative. Not.


1,384 kedvelés, 28 hozzászólás – Papusile Mele (@papusilemele ...

Personally I don’t understand why Mattel insists on making these tired movies with overused storylines. They have such a HUGE brand presence, a pretty big budget and the ability to make a film that is actually good! But yet they keep settling for the same “ordinary girl and princess swap places!” trope, over and over again!

It is tiring. The same thing could be said for the dolls, too. We all know that Mattel is capable of making really cool, unique Barbie dolls with awesome articulation, funky hairstyles and interesting facemoulds – yet they produce millions of the same blonde, closed-mouth Millie with zombie arms and bland, screen-printed dresses.

WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY! If I had this much money, ya’ll know I would make something much better.

Barbie 2020 For President Dolls Revealed

The 2020 election is nearing (which I’m not sure is a good or a bad thing), which means the 2020 Barbie for President dolls have been revealed! There will be four new dolls in the campaign team.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 11.19.25 pm.png

And that’s all my news for today! If you know anything interesting please share in the comments!



10 thoughts on “What’s New In The Doll Universe? (Rainbow Raver Scandal, LGBT Bratz Dolls, Princess Adventure Update, etc.)

  1. Thanks for giving us an update! I haven’t been keeping up with the doll world lately, so I had no idea Mattel’s stocks fell that much. I knew they hadn’t been doing very well the past several years, but this seems like an all-time low. I wonder what their plans are to try to boost sales, because clearly what they’re doing now isn’t working.

    Also, that Barbie movie has got to be the most unoriginal concept ever! It looks like they just ripped of Princess and the Popstar, which itself was a rip-off of Princess and the Pauper! I know both of those came out a long time ago, but it seems like lately Mattel can’t come up with any unique original ideas. If I’m being honest, I can’t even remember the last Barbie movie I actually enjoyed. I miss the older movies like Island Princess, 12 Dancing Princesses, Princess and the Pauper, and Princess Charm School. Those movies had great stories, memorable songs, and great characters. I didn’t even bother watching most of the last Barbie movies as they just didn’t interest me. I stopped watching Dreamhouse Adventures after the second season as it was a let-down for me as well. At this point I don’t really expect Barbie to last more than five more years. It’s honestly pretty disappointing how Mattel has lost all creative ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely agree! To be honest, I wonder if they even have plans at all… Things were looking good in 2016 with all the new bodies but I think they need to hurry up and think of something new and exciting.

      I agree about the movies as well! The Island Princess and Princess Charm School were pretty unique stories and they made a really strong impact. (Some of the older movies won awards, too!) But nowadays, it’s all just …blegh. Repetitive and boring. Video Game Hero, for example, came out years ago and I still haven’t bothered to buy it. I could hardly get through Dreamhouse Adventures either.

      Something’s gotta change for sure.


  2. Very informative post and I agree with you on the various MGA issues. It may be that MGA did develop a similar looking doll to this person by coincidence but rude, insulting tweets just make it look like a big company ganging up on an individual. Totally agree about the LGBT Bratz, if you are going to do that make it real don’t just get on the bandwagon to look good.
    I did find it interesting that Mattel have released Barbie for President and VP this time rather than opposing candidates. In today’s toxic atmosphere that was probably a wise move. It’s the first picture I’ve seen of the dolls and I’m not overexcited by them but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen someone debox and critique their outfits etc. As I’m in Australia it’s unlikely they will be sold here anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with everything you’ve put here! Exactly! : ) I doubt we’ll get the dolls here, we haven’t had many new releases lately — not that I am particularly bothered because I don’t expect the quality to be super high lol.


  3. I think they are taking a leaf from popular soap operas that reuse the same plots over and over. My mum was a great fan of Days Of Our Lives and my sister and I lost count of the times they used “Evil Twin”, “Back from the dead”, “Amnesia” and “Plastic Surgery” plotlines. Not to mention, kidnapped and locked up in a castle. That was a fave. Writers and producers who do this have no respect for the intelligence of their audiences. Even small children’s memories are not that short.

    Liked by 1 person

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