Relics of a Bygone Era -Planet Fashion, Issue #1

Hello, hello! The #1 fashion magazine in my dolly world is called Planet Fashion, and today, for the very first time, I have prepared a real issue for you!*

*Okay, not really! I just did a photoshoot and wanted a creative way to display the pictures. You can view the shoot in PDF form here.

Also, FYI, I am obviously not a fashion editor / graphic designer / writer, so don’t take any of the advice seriously! The words are just so it seems more like a magazine, they’re just filling in space.

Okay, that’s it! If you didn’t catch the reference, the opening statement at the front was in reference to this meme:

Related image

There are lots of variations, but it’s basically “something mundane you did when you were a kid that nobody does anymore.” And yes, of course it’s ridiculous to refer to the early 2000s as an “era” but I thought it was just an interesting title.

Here are photos in their regular format:

This is Jessica wearing Happy Family Grandma pants, I Can Be… A Netball Star trainers and a top from the Totally Real House.

This is one of my favourite photos.

This backdrop is definitely inspired by the bedrooms of my friends and I when we were around ten or eleven years old -look at all the posters on the wall! We cut them out from magazines and stuck them everywhere there was a space. One of my friends had her posters lining all four walls and the ceiling!

This is Nikki wearing a Fashion Fever Drew skirt and trainers. I forgot where the top is from.

If you look closely, you’ll see a DVD player on the left. When I was younger, having a big TV in your room was definitely ~the cool thing~ to have. If you had a VCR or DVD player that was even better!

Drew wears MyScene Maddison pants with a Fashion Fever Kayla tank top.

This is my #1 favourite photo from the photoshoot. I’ll probably reuse the house as Barbie’s house -who else would want to live in a room with that much pink!

Anyway, I’ll see you all next time!

Holly xx

8 thoughts on “Relics of a Bygone Era -Planet Fashion, Issue #1

  1. You did a really good job on this, Holly! I love that last picture of Drew…she’s such a beautiful doll. I love her freckles!

    Because I was born in 2002, I obviously don’t remember when all these styles and looks were popular. Honestly, I only know the fashions of the early 2000s from photos. The only thing I remember from that time frame was this dress my cousin Brittany wore to her junior-senior banquet in high school. It was a really pretty dress, too. It was long and kind of a greenish-blue…teal, I’d guess you’d call it? I don’t know. It must have been a pretty cool dress to have back then.

    Also, it’s interesting how you mentioned you and your friends had a bunch of posters in your room. That craze must have ended before I was old enough. None of my friends had posters in their rooms. I think it’s interesting how fast things become outdated!

    Like, DVD players, for example. My dad and I actually still own a working one, which is rare in the days of Netflix and Hulu. I don’t mind it, though. I mean, after all, it works!


    1. I think it’s because magazines aren’t as popular nowadays. When I was younger, everybody would collect magazines and cut out pictures of their favourites celebrities and put them on the wall -now, if you want to read about the latest gossip or fashion advice, you can just turn to the Internet. It’s understandable, of course, but I always wanted to write for a real magazine -and that industry is definitely dying!

      To be honest, I’m definitely relying on photos and movies as well! There are a few things I remember wearing, like cowboy pants that dragged on the ground, or colourful scrunchies, but really, I was only a kid -a few years older than you. Oh -I love Drew as well, she’s one of my favourites! I like how it looks like she’s staring right into you, it’s very expressive.


      1. Oh, yes, the magazine industry is losing popularity. I believe it has for a very long time now. You still see them for sale near Walmart or Food Lion checkout registers, but I don’t think many people actually buy them anymore.

        I’ve never thought about writing for a magazine…I’ve always struggled between wanting to be a teacher and wanting to be a novel writer. I probably will end up going to classes at college to become a teacher, because the idea that I could even get anything published seems pretty unlikely. I love little children, though, and I think I now have an even better idea of what being a teacher is like now. I helped out the second grade teacher at my school last year, and I got to see how she read to them, taught them, punished them, etc.

        Anyway, I think there are some online websites that have specific writers…columnists, I think they’re called? That might be referring to the news section of online websites…I don’t know. Anyway, I guess online sites could maybe be an option? I don’t know much about how it works, honestly.

        Yeah, when you think about it, we’re really only three or so years apart, since you just turned nineteen, and I’ll be sixteen in December. Not exactly three years, of course, but around that.


      2. You can definitely write novels during your spare time if you become a teacher! That’s what I want to do, write a book in my spare time. (Not become teacher though, haha, I don’t have the patience for that) My old teacher was an author as well as being a teacher, and she said that she wrote on the weekends and slowly worked on her novels throughout the year.

        Writing online is definitely a viable option, the internet is definitely the future! (Not that that’s a bad thing -I do love the internet haha)


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