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The Doll Evolves: My First Doll


I have named her Chris. Originally I was going to call her Nereda but I decided against it. She was only $12 from Kmart. I would have picked up more, but the choices were slim and I didn’t really like any of the others. All blank stares and strange fashions! This was the only petite one, the other was the tall redhead with the curly hair, and two curvy ones -both blonde with big eyes. There was also the original redhead with the blue dress.

I also saw Teresa, Barbie and Neko Made to Move for only $19, but tbh I didn’t really need another one. I considered buying the Neko, as a body donor for Drew, but I’ll wait to see if the price drops a bit more. I also saw the single-item fashion packs, $6 each. Totally not interested. Oh -the Endless Hair princesses, I didn’t look at the price because I didn’t even care about those one bit.

And that was all in the Barbie section. I checked Target and Big W too, but it was the exact same items as Kmart, expect Target had the Barbie Style Resort for $25 each, as well.


Here she is without the plastic covering.


Beautiful! At first I didn’t like the dress at all, but it’s growing on me.


Her face is absolutely beautiful! It looks like the same one as Amusement Park Skipper’s, but I can’t be sure because I am terrible with facemoulds. Generation Girl and Summer look exactly the same to me!


Her feet are flat, and the shoes are a clone of the black and white gladiator ones that came with Barbie Style Resort (Tara), expect gold. They fit nicely, and are the same size as the original Barbies, thank goodness! Different sized clothes I can deal with -I have enough clothes to go around- but I really need more shoes!


Her thighs look quite different to the original Barbies, and so does the joint by her waist. Her hips are not as small and her breasts are much smaller, but still bigger than Skippers.


Here they are together for height comparison.


Chris’s clothes look a bit small on Barbie, but Barbie’s fit Chris fine -which is strange, because she is nearly the same height as Skipper, who doesn’t fit them at all. I suppose it is because Skipper is a lot thinner than Chris.


I have decided that Chris is going to be Skipper’s friend, because she doesn’t have any apart from Hadley and Isla, who are a lot younger than her. Since she looks older than Skipper, I have made her 15 (instead of 17), which is one younger older than Skipper.


When Barbie leans down, you can’t even tell that she’s petite.


Beautiful! (and yes, I got sick of the straps by the end)

-Pace! ❤

PS: I saw Barbie and Her Sisters and the Great Puppy Adventure for $25, $26 and $30. Lower than usual, but still not worth getting at this point.

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