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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: What We Know So Far, and Initial Thoughts

All aboard the hype train, because Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures releases (in the United States only) on Thursday May 3! 

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is Barbie’s first Netflix-exclusive television series. Unlike Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, we’re talking full-length episodes with interconnecting plots, new characters and lots of other fun stuff!

With lots of rumours circulating the interwebs, it’s time to sort out fact from fiction. Now that the show is nearing the release date, lots of new (official) material is being pushed out on Barbie’s Twitter and Instagram Story. In addition to the official news, we are also getting lots of leaks on YouTube and around the web.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 7.53.49 pm.pngAccording to IMDb, the show will run from 2018 to 2019. The fact it is scheduled to run until 2019 is very interesting -I wonder how many episodes there will be?

Interestingly, IMDb also says that ‘May 3’ and ‘May 18’ are the release dates. We know that May 3rd is the release date in the United States -perhaps May 18th is the international release date?

The first episode will be called ‘Welcome to the Dreamhouse.’ In this epsiode, Barbie and her sisters move into their new smart house. This probably ties in with promotion for the “Hello Barbie” Dreamhouse toy. Here, we can see Barbie on a tablet on a robot (because that makes sense).

I have already analysed the launch trailer here, but if you look on Barbie’s Twitter, you can find a longer version of the trailer that explains more about the series.

In this video, we see some scenes that aren’t shown in other videos, such as this one here, where Barbie is baking something.

Chelsea is wearing the same outfit she wears in the Dreamtopia promotional image. Surely they won’t be wearing the same outfits over and over …right?

We saw Renee in Barbie: Spy Squad, and I think she was mentioned once in Barbie’s vlogs, but this is the first time we’ll be learning more about her personality. I’m excited for that!

It looks like Ken will have an important role in this series, too, which I’m happy about.

These road trips scenes have been shown quite a lot -I wonder if this is an important part? It seems just like a montage to me.

We’ve also seen the puppies quite often, however they haven’t spoken so far. Thank goodness! There’s nothing I dislike more than talking puppies!

I wonder how this part fits into the storyline…

And here we have, for the first time in goodness-knows-how-many-years, George and Margaret Roberts! The pair were mentioned in Barbie’s vlogs, which was a big surprise to me, but it was an even bigger surprise that here they are, in real, live animation!

Daisy’s DJ event looks quite important. If you look at the side of the stage, we can see Teresa and Nikki. We can also see the dinosaur toy that Barbie mentions in another scene.

Barbie’s sisters will likely play a big part in the series. I wonder how they fit into everything…

Another episode will be ‘The Great Cake Race.’ How do I know this? Well, a storybook published by Penguin Random House is now selling a Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures storybook.

Luckily for us, a sneak peak of “The Great Cake Race” was also published on YouTube just recently. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights…

Personally, I don’t think this episode looks terribly interesting, but we’ll see when it releases for real.

In this episode, it appears that Barbie is competing in an action / cooking TV game show. Cupcake Ninja Warrior, perhaps? Haha.

In the audience, we can see George and Margaret Roberts, Ken, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea cheering Barbie on. But I have to ask -where is everybody else in the audience?

Is that Renee that Barbie is competing with? Perhaps she is a replacement frenemy for Raquelle… That would be weird, especially since Barbie was friends with Renee in Barbie: Spy Squad. 

Then again, Barbie and Raquelle were friends in Barbie: A Fairy Secret, and all of a sudden they were no longer friends in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, so we can’t exactly trust Mattel to keep things canon!

There has also been another spoiler video released. This one is about Daisy getting the opportunity to DJ at a big event, which probably leads to Barbie and her friend’s road trip later on.

I think this episode looks a little more interesting.

It appears that Renee, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea (who is wearing an outfit that one of the Chelsea dolls wears), Teresa, Nikki, Barbie and Daisy are enjoying playing about in Barbie’s pool. Suddenly, Daisy gets a phone call and is invited to DJ at a far-away event.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 7.58.13 pm.png
Enter a caption

If you are interested in the production team, it has also been released on IMDb.

What I find interesting is how many of these promotional videos focus on the same five events -Barbie’s underground mission, the TV game show, Daisy’s DJ event, Skipper and Barbie’s horse / mall adventure, and Barbie’s pool party.

There are a few other scenes show where Barbie is speaking to her sisters, or when they are playing tennis, but they are not as prevalent. Once again, I have to wonder how many episodes there will be…

I also have to wonder about the format of these episodes. At the moment, my theory is that Barbie starts off as she does in her vlogs, and she tells a story to the audience. This story then evolves into a flashback-style episode.


When Barbie: Dolphin Magic was released, it was called a ‘Dreamhouse Adventures special.’ To me, it looks like this really won’t connect with the series at all. We’ll have to wait and see on this one!

We also have the opening sequence of the series, which you can view below.

And that’s everything we know so far! Er, I think. If you are aware of any new information, please share in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: What We Know So Far, and Initial Thoughts

  1. I was hoping you’d do this post! Thanks!

    I’m really excited for the premiere! May 3rd is the U.S. release, and I think I read somewhere that May 18th is the international release. Personally, that doesn’t seem all that fair to me. Like, why make people wait longer just because they live in other countries?

    Anyway, I believe you’re right about the opening-Barbie probably will do a type of “vlog opening”, and then the main episode will follow in a flashback of events in her life.

    Oh, and, in regard to your comment last post to me about Daisy…I agree. I don’t know why Mattel felt the need to introduce another new friend for Barbie. Also, what in the world happened to Harper? She was featured in several vlogs as a guest, so I wonder how Mattel will explain her absence. They’ll probably say she “moved” or something. Maybe nothing at all. Who knows? I surely don’t.

    I thought I’d mention something about Stacie and Chelsea. Is it just me, or do they look slightly different? It looks like Chelsea now has green eyes and Stacie brown. Also, has Stacie’s hair darkened? It’s probably just me, because my desk top computer is literally in the dining room, and the light is dim. Lol!

    I’d like to mention one last thing. I really hope I’m not being a nuisance by commenting on literally everything. I realize it’s very time-consuming to have to sit down and type replies, especially when you’re busy. It doesn’t help that I almost always write extremely long comments, but it seems like I always have a ton of things to say. I really should try to make an effort to keep it “short and simple.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, it’s fine! Don’t worry -I get to blab on and on in the posts themselves, so really, I am saying much more than you 😂 I wrote posts for around two years without anybody commenting at all, and it felt a bit like ‘nobody out there is listening to me’ (probably because nobody was!) and I’m glad I have readers now that I can engage with. It’s nice 🙂

      Yes, I thought that Stacie and Chelsea looked a bit different as well! Especially Stacie’s hair. I like it better now, it’s good that they’re not all the same shade of “blonde-blonde.”

      I wonder if Harper will continue her guest appearances on the vlogs, I really hope they don’t drop her completely. I hope that Dreamhouse Adventures introduces more characters as it goes on, even if it was just for one episode (eg; Barbie is forced to go on a date with Ryan, or she meets up with Midge, or something like that). I’m quite annoyed about the far-away release date for non-US people, but hopefully it will go up on YouTube 😉 I try not to watch things on YouTube that you’re not supposed to (like full movies), but this time, I will give in!


      1. I’m not even sure what color hair Stacie has anymore. A recently released doll (with the juice stand or something) has red hair. In the Dreamhouse Adventures videos, her hair might be classified as having a reddish “tint” to it, but I’m not sure. (Kinda reminds me of how everybody looks at my hair, Lol! Some say it’s dark blonde and some say it’s light brown!)

        I too, really hope Midge will make an appearance. Which brings me to my point. If I remember correctly, in the Great Puppy Adventure (the 1st puppy movie), Barbie says something about Midge, doesn’t she? It almost (to me, at least) made it sound like Midge and Barbie were still communicating with one another. But Midge unfortunately hasn’t been featured in a single vlog, and she’s Barbie’s original friend! Also, I thought the story went that Midge and her family moved to California shortly after Barbie’s did. If you go by that, then it really makes zero sense for Midge to never appear!

        While we’re on the topic of Midge, isn’t her name actually Margaret? I think I read that somewhere. I always wondered where Mattel got some of their character names, like Skipper! I’ve never heard anyone with that name!

        Anyway, yeah, I really do enjoy reading and commenting to your blog! I love to hear your about things! (Especially the Barbie movies and now Dreamhouse Adventures!)


      2. I think I read that Midge moved to California after Barbie as well! From a Barbie history website. But then, in Life in the Dreamhouse, didn’t she just move from Wisconsin? So I’m not sure. I haven’t heard about the Margaret thing before, but that sounds likely enough -Margaret is at least a bit more common!

        I haven’t watched Puppy Adventure recently (I thought it was a bit boring) so I can’t really remember what happened tbh.

        I was surprised to read that there is a Stacie doll with red hair, but I looked it up, and yup you are right! Very odd, especially because the 2018 Cruise Ship Stacie has blonde hair?? Like, make up your mind!


  2. I really can’t wait till it comes out… it looks ever so exciting!
    I am really excited about Barbie’s parents!! I was jumping up and down on my bed for ages when I found out they were going to be in Dreamhouse Adventures!
    I am I bit disappointed that there is no Raquelle – my brother found Raquelle and Ryan hilarious. If this series isn’t almost as funny to my brother as Life in the Dreamhouse, I am going to be REALLY disappointed. 😦 😦 I also hope they will soon make videos of it in Polish so we can watch it on Friday. 😮
    I might comment again if I remember – I’m going to watch Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse in Polish now…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, Raquelle was my favourite character in Life in the Dreamhouse! She was so funny, I especially loved her in ‘Let’s Make a Doll’ and ‘The Amaze Chase.’ I am really excited about Barbie’s parents, too -I always wonder what their personalities are like, and which sister they are most similar to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh yes, I remember those! My brother always loves ‘I want my BTV’. He can watch it 17 times straight (I counted) and still laughs!
        I also wonder about their personalities. In the videos I’ve watched they look really fun.
        I also wonder where Barbie’s parents were in Life in the Dreamhouse. On a super long holiday perhaps? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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