Horsing Around // Fixing Up My Barbie Horses

It’s a cold day; I am dressed warmly in thick tights and a scarf as I crouch beside the plastic horses in an attempt to get that perfect shot. Beside me sits a lukewarm coffee and a miniature hairbrush. It’s tricky work, Barbie photography. Everything is fiddly and flyaway hairs never seem to go away.

Cleaning up three horses seemed like quite a daunting task, but I’m quite glad I ended up doing it because they look so much better now. It took me quite a while and they’re not perfect yet, but I’m really happy with the results.

This is Tawny in her previous condition. I think those plaits have been there for at least three years!

Storytime: I got this horse when I was about 9 years old, maybe younger. I never read the packaging, and neither did my mother, so nobody knew it actually walked! Years later, I was searching online and discovered the instructions. Boy was I surprised!

All those years I was wondering why there was a button on the back! I’m surprised I never noticed the battery slot, actually.

Interesting point: I read a review of this horse and it says the horse can neigh, but I have never heard mine neigh. Maybe it’s just a bit old?

This is nail polish. I actually ended up with two of these horses -my sister received the same set, but she ended up giving them to me. Anyway, since I had two of the same horse, I painted nail polish on one of them so I could tell the difference between them.

It was a cute idea, but the result wasn’t that great. I ended up selling the other horses.

Once I took the plaits out, I realised what a big mess I’d gotten myself into! Everything was so tangled, I couldn’t even pull my hands through her mane.

The steps I took to get things manageable:

  • Soaking hair in boiling water
  • Washing with detergent in hot water
  • Rinsing with cold
  • Washing and rinsing again (just to be sure!)
  • Brushing
  • Cutting off the ends
  • Drying with a hair-drier, and then drying outside for 24 hours
  • Removing nail polish and other marks with nail polish remover

It took about an hour to wash and brush all the horses. If I want to get things perfect, I’ll repeat the process, but I’m satisfied for now.

My biggest concerns are that I cut the tail a bit short, and I didn’t cut the mane straight. Oh well. I’m no hairdresser!

This is the pony beforehand. I forgot it’s name. FWI: This isn’t a ‘feature post’ on these horses, I’ll do that later. This is just a ‘fixing up’ post.

So shiny and lovely! Also -notice how the tail is still quite ‘fluffy.’ That was the only thing I didn’t soak in boiling water, so it’s interesting to note the differences.

And this is Enchantica, she’s from the 12 Dancing Princesses. I already did a feature post on it, which you can read here.

I think the tail is cut a bit short here, too, but the ends were just so mangled, even after washing thoroughly.


I also put nail polish between the eyes, but I didn’t remove that. I think it looks nice. 🙂

I’m worried this’ll lead to a horse phase. I always get into these weird phases where I get really suddenly hardcore obsessed with something.

That’s all for now xx

Which is your favourite horse? I can’t decide between Tawny (the palamino one) and Enchantica (the grey one).

I like Tawny because she looks like a ‘proper horse,’ the kind you would actually go trail riding with, but Enchantica looks like the kind of horse you’d go adventuring up a mountain with. Ya feel?


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