Fashion Challenge #1 -Pink Polka Skirt

Hello everyone! Today I was going through my doll clothes when I realised I own things that I don’t use very often. Case in point: this skirt I am about to show you.

I suppose I have a good reason for not wearing it often -it’s from the early 2000s, so it doesn’t go with many “modern” clothes, and the Velcro at the back is broken so you need to use sticky-tape to wear it.

Anyway, today’s “fashion challenge” is to wear this skirt with three different outfits. I thought it was perfect timing, considering it is 2007 Week at Buzzfeed at the moment, and all these outfits just screaamm 2007!

Our model today will be Aimee -which probably wasn’t the best idea, since her red hair makes her look a bit like a baked ham in all the pink clothes!

In this outfit, Aimee is going for a “rich girl at the country club” look. Doesn’t it look like the perfect outfit to play tennis in?

In the second outfit, Aimee is going for something more casual. Do you remember the ‘skirt over leggings’ trend? I sure do! It was simpler time back then.

I think this is my favourite outfit. I love the shoes! This look is so girly and fun, it’s very summery. Since most of these pieces are so old, I can’t really recall where they are from.

And here, a special, bonus outfit… A replica of an exact outfit I wore in 2007 myself…

GAHH! The horror! (I kid you not, I literally wore all the elements of this outfit at once).

2 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge #1 -Pink Polka Skirt

    1. I assure you, fabulous is the last thing I looked like 😂😂 I found a picture yesterday and oh my goodness, how did my mother let me go out like that??

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