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Barbie Curvy Fashionista #105 Review (2019)

Hi again, it’s me. I bought another doll. I didn’t need her at all, but I don’t have any self control, apparently. Reasons Why I Don’t Need This Doll: I’m trying to save money I don’t have enough storage space I already have a lot of other dolls whose storylines I still need to develop… Continue reading Barbie Curvy Fashionista #105 Review (2019)

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Platinum Pop and Lovin’ Leopard Fashionistas, Janessa & Chloe

Okay, so I just got back from a trip, so there’s a bunch of stuff I still need to work on -like reading your blog posts! I’ll definitely get all caught up on that within the next week or so, I promise! Today I visited the mall and oh my gosh! Since I’ve been away… Continue reading Platinum Pop and Lovin’ Leopard Fashionistas, Janessa & Chloe


The Evolution of the Barbie Fashionista Line (2009-2017)

Personally, I find it difficult to remember what years things came out, so I used the fabulous “egolon fashionista guide” to help me remember! I also got the stock photos from there. I recommend checking out her site and photo stories if you haven’t already! Generation 1 -Wild, Sweetie, Sporty, etc. Ah, 2009. It was… Continue reading The Evolution of the Barbie Fashionista Line (2009-2017)

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Swappin’ Style ’10 Sweetie and Sassy Outfits

In 2011, I received a Barbie Fashionista W3 “Swappin’ Styles” Sweetie 2010 doll, with the extra head. I was really excited because she was from the Fashionistas webisodes on -I remember they released a new episode every Tuesday, each one starring a different doll expect for Sweetie. If you look at the intro, you will… Continue reading Swappin’ Style ’10 Sweetie and Sassy Outfits

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Fashionista Outfits -Nikki & Summer ’12

Firstly, the saga continues… Here’s Barbie holding a note she found in Ken’s wallet. This whole thing confuses me so much, I wish we would just get some proper information!  Today I’ll be featuring two Fashionista outfits. It’s funny how I have so many Fashionista outfits, but barely any dolls left! I believe I got this… Continue reading Fashionista Outfits -Nikki & Summer ’12

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Fashionista Outfits (Teresa ’15, Raquelle ’13, Kenzie ’15)

Remember the big rebrand of 2015? The first rebranded doll I ever saw was over Easter, which was quite late in the year, considering they had been out in the US for some time. It was the 2015 Fashionista Teresa, and I bought her immediately because she was just so pretty. A year later, I… Continue reading Fashionista Outfits (Teresa ’15, Raquelle ’13, Kenzie ’15)

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Fashion Fever, Amusement Park Skipper and Rainbow Barbie

Hello, friends, I have returned. Today I will be talking about, as the title suggests, my Fashion Fever dolls (all three of them, can you believe it?), amusement park Skipper and Fashionista Rainbow Wave 1 Barbie. This is Emma King. Well, she’s actually a Teresa, but I decided to call her Emma instead. She’s from Fashion Fever… Continue reading Fashion Fever, Amusement Park Skipper and Rainbow Barbie