Fashion Challenges

You know those clothing items you own, but never really wear? Yeah, they exist in doll-world, too! I have challenged myself to create three looks using one rarely-worn item -these are the results!

  1. Pink Polka Skirt
  2. Orange Shirt
  3. Pink Legwarmers
  4. Blue Sparkly Top
  5. Back to School Fashion Pack


  1. A Spring Photoshoot
  2. A Summer Photoshoot
  3. All The Colours of the Rainbow
  4. Fashion Hack: How to Style Printed Leggings
  5. The Original Squad Goes 2000’s
  6. Class of 2017
  7. Class of 2018
  8. Shyne, Shimmer & Glimmer
  9. Stylishly Sporty
  10. Relics of an Era Gone By 
  11. Fun in the Sun
  12. Jeans for Change
  13. The Fashionistas
  14. My Favourites