2018 Purchases

In 2017, I tried very hard to stick to a ‘Barbie Budget.’ By doing this, I saved over $200! This year, I will not be sticking to a budget, I will just be buying whatever I want!

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2017 Fashionista Platinum Pop, $13 (Chloe)

2017 Fashionista Lovin’ Leopard, $13 (Janessa)

Pink Passport Ski Doll $15 (body donor)

2018 Skipper Babysitters Inc. Stephanie, $13

Total spending for January: $54


2018 Skipper Babysitters Inc. Nerada $13

Total spending for February: $13


2018 Fashionista #81 Wear Your Heart Petite, $13 (Jessica)

Total spending for March: $13


2018 Fashionista Overall Awesome, $10 (Nikki Watkins)

Total spending for April: $10


Date Night Table & Chairs, $13

IKEA Furniture Set (Couch & Bookshelf Variation), $20

Total spending for May: $33


Barbie Cali Girl Shorts, $2

Total spending for June: $2

Total spending for June: $4


Australian Women’s Weekly Barbie Cookbook, $3

Total spending for September: $3


2018 Total: $130

2017 Total: $161

2016 Total: $400

Wow! I have lowered my spending even more than in 2017! This is surprising considering I was actively trying not to purchase anything in 2017, whereas in 2018 I told myself that I could buy whatever I wanted.