2017 Purchases

This year, I’m trying to stick to $0, or as close as possible, for the entire year! Last year, I spent $400 and that was so not cool.

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Barbie presents Thumbelina DVD $1 (it was at a garage sale, okay.)

Total for January: $1


Erika and Anneliese 2004 Feature Dolls $20 (this is justifiable because I’ve been looking for these for years, and it was too good a deal to pass up)

Total for February: $20


Club Chelsea Tamika $10

Pink Long Dress + Accessory Pack $8

Pink Plaid Dress + Accessory Pack  $8

Ever After High Ashlyn Ella $25

2-Outfit Boho Fashion Pack $9 (I am not going very well, am I?)

Total for March: $51


Unknown Red Dress $1

2009 Artsy Fashionista Dress $2

Total for March: $3


2016 Dreamtopia “Candy” Mermaid $13

Total for May: $13


2017 Aztec Chic Fashion Pack $20

2017 School Days Fashion Pack $20

Total for June: $40

Midyear total: $128

(in comparison to $56 June 2016) Even though I’ve spent heaps more, in comparison to last year, I feel as though my purchases were more worthwhile. Hopefully I can keep my spending down for the rest of the year…


2017 Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista $10

Total for July: $10


2016 Pink Passport Ski Doll (Aria) $19

Total for September: $19


PCS Blair and Astronaut Outfits $4

Total for October: $4


2017 Total: $161

2016 Total: $400

WOW! LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! Within one year, I was able to reduce my spending by $239! How good is that?? I’ve realised how important it is to track your spending -maybe not ‘everything’ (because who wants to see how much they spend on takeaway in one year?), but if a certain category is worrying you, it’s definitely worth it!

I’ve written a post on saving money as a Barbie collector, which you can read here.

Bring on 2018!