Chapter 3: Stacie Knows the Truth

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Barbie’s House

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Initial Thoughts – Adventures in Barbie  Collecting

It’s the day after Ken proposed to Barbie, and Barbie is absolutely busting to tell her best friend, Teresa, the good news.

“Teresa, the most incredible thing happened last night with Ken!” Barbie gushes.

“Oh yeah?” Teresa raises one eyebrow. She had noticed Barbie and Ken drifting apart these last few months, so it was surprising to say the least.

“What is it?” Teresa asks. “Did you guys manage to keep up conversation the whole night? Or maybe, he actually took an interest in what you were saying for once?”

“Oh, shush.” Barbie says. “Stop being so negative! Ken always takes an interest in me!”

That was not true.

“He asked to marry me!!!”

Teresa couldn’t help but audibly gasp. This was bad. Very, very bad. It was hard enough listening to Barbie complain about Ken for hours on end and had assumed that one day, they would finally break up. But if they were going to get married, she would have to listen to Barbie’s complaints for the rest of her life! The thought made Teresa feel sick to her stomach.

“Isn’t it wonderful???” Barbie grins.

“Um, yeah… Sure.”

Over in the kitchen, a familiar face has let himself into the house…

It’s Ken!

“Hey, guys! What’s up! Just thought I’d pop over to say hello.”

“Hey, Ken.”

Stacie is the only doll in the kitchen at the moment.

“Where’s Ryan? Don’t you guys usually go everywhere together?”

Ken looks at the ground uncomfortably. “Uh, Ryan? I don’t know. Probably at work. Why should I care what Ryan’s doing? My whole life doesn’t revolve around Ryan, you know.”

“Ken, cut it out.” Stacie says, looking at Ken in the eye. “I know what’s going on between you! I heard you at the basketball court last night.”

“Oh…” Ken is speechless. Stacie is the first person to find out their secret. He thought he had done such a great job of hiding it, too!

“I’m not gonna tell Barbie,” Stacie says. “But I think you should. She’s so excited about the wedding! You need to call it off as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, I know… I tried, but I can’t tell her! We’ve been together for sixty years! I feel so guilty.”

“You gotta man up! Tell her!” Stacie encourages. “You’ll feel so much better about it afterwards. Plus, then you and Ryan can be together without hiding anything.”

Ken sighs to himself. He knows that Stacie is right. He has to tell Barbie before this wedding thing goes too far! He knows how crazy Barbie can get about weddings…

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