Dolls of the Pacific Heights 2: Barbie’s Birthday (Photostory)

Previous chapter: Ken’s Secret

9 March, 2021

Ken’s House

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It’s time for Ken’s dinner date with Barbie, and Ken is incredibly nervous. Tonight is the night he is planning on breaking up with Barbie.

He texts his secret boyfriend, Ryan, for moral support.

Oh uh… Ken thinks, putting away his phone. Here she comes! Time to face the music.

“Barbie! You look fantastic!” Ken gushes.

“So do you!” Barbie says, shrugging off her big fur coat. “Thanks for organising all this! A home cooked meal is the perfect birthday present.”

“I’m sorry I got so mad you earlier,” Barbie says. “I know you’d never forget my birthday!”

Ken is silent for a moment. He doesn’t want to admit that he actually did forget her birthday. Skipper had helped him to organise the dinner at the very last minute.

“It’s not a problem.” Ken takes a sip of the water, wishing he had opted for wine instead. He could use some about now!

“Um… There is actually something that I wanted to talk to you about…”

“You see, well… You know how Mattel designed me to be your boyfriend?”

“Yeah…” Barbie nods, a little confused where this is going.

“Well, that was back in 1961, and a lot of things have changed since then… Especially my feelings for you. I’ve decided that being your boyfriend isn’t really for me…”

“Oh my GOD, KEN! Are you saying what I THINK you’re saying?”

Ken is glad he opted for dinner in his house, not in a restaurant, as Barbie is carrying on quite a bit. He wonders whether the neighbours can hear.

“Um… Yes?”

“You don’t want to be my boyfriend, because you want to be my husband! You want to get married!”

“Um…” Ken says, fumbling over his words. “Yes! Yes, exactly! Barbie, will you marry me?”

9 March, 2021

Pacific Heights Gym

“YOU WHAT??? You asked her to MARRY YOU?”

If Ken thought that Barbie was carrying on earlier, Ryan was even worse. He put his hands on his head and paced around the basketball court, throwing the ball at the wall as hard as he could.

“Ken, are you an idiot? You’re gay! You can’t marry Barbie! You were supposed to marry me! You were supposed to TELL HER THE TRUTH!”

Ken rolls his eyes and takes the ball away from Ryan. “I made a mistake, okay? I just got so nervous!”

“Ken, I can’t believe you… This was supposed to be the end of Barbie and Ken! When are you going to prioritise our relationship? I hate sneaking around like this.”

Ryan is really angry and upset.

Ken sighs. “Ryan, I’m sorry! I was scared! Barbie’s been so good to me, I couldn’t let her down like that!”

“Have fun getting married, Ken.” Ryan says. “I’ve gotta go. Call me when you’ve decided to grow up.”

Ryan jogs off, leaving Ken alone in the gym.

Ken stares at the ball. He is miserable.

Ryan’s right, he thinks. Tomorrow I’ll call off the engagement. I’ll tell her the truth then.

“Hey, Ken!”

It’s Stacie’s, Barbie’s little sister. She is a big basketball fan and comes to the gym to practise almost every evening.

Stacie runs up to Ken and steals the basketball off him.

“Hey! That’s my ball!”

“Not anymore!” She runs up to the goal and scores with ease.

“You think you’re so good, don’t you?” Ken teases. “Well, watch out!”

He reaches out to grab the ball, but Stacie is too quick!

Ken manages to manoeuvre the ball away from Stacie and aims for the goal…

A perfect shot!

“Whoo-hoo! Ken is the winner!” Ken runs around the court celebrating the goal.

He decides to forget about Barbie and Ryan and just focusing on playing with Stacie. I’ll deal with Barbie tomorrow, he thinks. Definitely tomorrow.

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