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FINALLY FOUND Barbie Fashionista Wheelchair Ken! Review & Rebody

Hello my friends! I have some exciting news to share with you! I FINALLY FOUND the Wheelchair Ken!! Let me tell you, I have been searching for this bad boy ever since he was released and he was always out of stock! I was considering paying $100+ on eBay for him and I’m very glad I didn’t – because I found him! In the shops! At retail price of ONLY $22!!! What a dream come true.

I found him at Big W – they only put them out at 9am this morning (Saturday 20th February), so I was lucky to get in quick. They will probably sell out fast.

I wanted to buy a second doll but I thought I’d probably look like even more of a crazy person carrying two dolls (I already look a bit like a crazy person carrying one, lol) I might go back! It’d be good to have a spare in case they stop producing articulated male dolls again.

Here he is in the box!

The back of the box has a cute picture of all the Fashionistas.

Ken’s escaped! Here he is out of the box, showing off his articulation.

I’m honestly SO HAPPY I finally found an articulated Ken. I often don’t use male dolls in my stories, only because the lack of articulation is so annoying! They can’t look at the camera properly, they can’t pose in interesting ways, it’s just so boring! Now I will definitely be introducing Ken to my photostories (I already have SO many storyline ideas, lol!)

There are joints at the elbows, shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, neck and torso. I really like how smooth the articulation feels! Sometimes articulated Kens can feel “clunky” and difficult to move, but not this one.

I took his shirt off so you can see the joints a bit better.

Here’s the wheelchair from the top down.

Here’s the side of the wheelchair. I really like the colour! I’m glad its something different other than the traditional “Barbie pink” or “Ken blue.”

The wheelchair also came with a ramp. I’m not sure what the point is…? Is it a stand for display? Is it to help him use the elevator in the Barbie Dreamhouse? Does it stop him rolling away? If you know the answer, do comment below!

This is what the back looks like, with the traditional blue Ken logo.

Here’s a close-up of his face. It’s quite similar to the Watermelon Ken doll, but not exactly the same.

Here they are together for comparison. As we can see, Wheelchair Ken has lighter lips and more “yellow” hair. His eyebrows are slightly different.

I prefer the look of Watermelon Ken, so I swapped their heads over. I think the lighter hair looks more realistic.

The boys all together! The other doll is Fashionista Ryan Rainbow Wave 2.

And well, that’s Wheelchair Ken! I am definitely a BIG FAN. My only “issue” is that I wish there were more variations! We need more articulated Kens with different hairstyles, skintones and clothing. That way us collectors can rebody our whole Ken collection.

Thanks for reading today’s post! Later today, the plan is to set up my IKEA shelf (I finally got one!) and set up all my Barbie stuff for permanent display. I’m so excited! Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “FINALLY FOUND Barbie Fashionista Wheelchair Ken! Review & Rebody

  1. I think the point of the ramp is to provide realism during play. Real people in wheelchairs need ramps in all kinds of situations, including getting in and out of their own homes so providing a ramp is something a child in a wheelchair playing with the doll would appreciate as an essential accessory.

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  2. My sister recently bought him too although as we don’t have Big W anywhere near us not at such a good price. She has recoloured his lips as she felt they were too pale. i’d like to see more skin tones and hair colours too.

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    1. That’s a great idea to recolour them! They’re way too pale. I agree with Mary, there is definitely something a bit “off” there!

      I hope they will release more skintones and hair colours soon!

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