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Watermelon Ken Fashionista #152 Review (Tropical Shirt)

Hey everyone, today I wanted to make a post about my new Watermelon Ken doll. This is Fashionista #152.

This is the doll inside the box. He cost $12, which I think is a fair price. I wanted to buy him to be my new main “Ken” doll.” Obviously I would have preferred for him to have rooted hair, so I will replace him with a rooted hair Ken doll when I can. But this’ll do in the meantime!

(Yesterday, I was verrryyy close to buying a $50 used 2010 Fashionista Cutie doll, my dream Ken doll, but I didn’t).

Here he is out of the box. I’m really happy I got him! He was on my 2020 Christmas Wishlist. For a doll with rooted hair, he’s pretty cute and I like his outfit.

This is a close-up of his face. His face is pretty boring and normal – the standard “Ken” face. (I don’t know the proper name).

Here’s his outfit. I really like the watermelon print of the shirt, it has a really nice detail. It looks like a real shirt! The shorts are coral coloured, they match really well.

Overall, I think its one of the best Ken Fashionista outfits available today.

He’s wearing plain white sneakers. If I get a chance, I might paint a design on the side to make them more interesting.

He also came with these sunglasses which I really like. They are two-toned which is unusual for a Fashionista doll (high quality? what a surprise!)

They don’t fit on top of his head very well, because of his huge hair, but they sit okay on his face.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase! There’s a lot of ugly and boring Kens on the market at the moment, so I’m happy I got a nicer one.

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