Holly’s 2020 Barbie Christmas Wishlist (Updated)

Hooooo boy!

Can we believe it’s nearly Christmas already? This morning I was in the supermarket and listening to this really, really annoying Christmas song and thinking “God, surely it’s not December already, is it?”

Spoiler: It’s December. Yikes!

What have I even accomplished this year? (Okay, quite a lot, especially considering the whole “worldwide pandemic” thing, but still! Sometimes it feels like I’m running on a treadmill – putting in a whole lot of effort and then still getting nowhere!)

I wanted to write up an updated 2020 Barbie Wishlist, because I was looking through my old one (that I wrote earlier this year) and realised that I want a whole lot more STUFF! Hehe. So I thought I would write a new list.

Firstly, the 2020 Barbie DreamhHouse! It’s on sale at the moment on Amazon for $170 which I think is a pretty good price. The reason I want a Barbie Dreamhouse is because when I buy a house (hopefully soon!), I can have a whole space where I can keep my Barbie stuff set up all the time. That way I can do photostories without having to do all the packing and setting up every single time.

I really want to re-decorate the DreamHouse using the same techniques shown in this tutorial here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/watch/video/84544

I have shared these videos a few times because I think they are so COOL! I can’t wait until I can decorate my own DreamHouse like that.

Secondly, this BMR 1959 doll! She was on my earlier Wishlist but I still haven’t bought her. She’s currently almost $70 on Amazon! No thanks! (I absolutely LOVE her hair, but like… not that much!)

Wheelchair Fashionista Ken! The reason why I want this doll is because I want to RIP OFF HIS HEAD and KEEP HIS BODY (…for my other Fashionista Ryan doll).

Okay, that sounds really weird! He’s currently $50 on Amazon which is a bit too expensive for my taste. I think I would buy him if he was $30 or less.

These particular Christmas pyjamas! HOW CUTE ARE THEY! I absolutely love this design!

Honestly, the only reason I want this doll is because of the outfit is just bangin’. Please, Mattel, give us a nice Ken with REAL HAIR! PLEASE.

This outfit pack! I think these fashions are so cool and realistic. I particularly like the floral pants with the yellow crop top – so stylish!

KALLAX Shelving unit, white, 77x147 cm

The final item on my list is this KALLAX Shelving Unit from IKEA! Basically the plan is to lay it horizontally (so it’s two shelves high and then four across) and then use the inside for dioramas / doll storage. Then, I will put my Barbie DreamHouse on top.

9 thoughts on “Holly’s 2020 Barbie Christmas Wishlist (Updated)

  1. I like your wish list! Wheelchair Ken doesn’t seem to be available here in the UK yet, but I agree about ripping his head off! I love that bedroom makeover video but I’m always amused by how people in videos make these amazing crafting videos using a glue gun without getting glue burns all over their fingers and having strings of glue floating around off of everything afterward. That’s my experience of crafting with a glue gun! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! I don’t know if I’m terrible using a glue gun or what, but I *always* end up with stringy glue and big globs everywhere I didn’t mean for them to be πŸ˜‚


  2. It will be amazing when you have a home where you can set up your doll space. I have a house, not a Barbie one, a generic one that my husband got me for Christmas one year and I used it to display dolls and take photos in. I like your idea for laying the shelving horizontal too, my only concern being that if you have a pet they may decide those nice little cubbies are a good place for a nap.
    My sister and I are on the lookout for wheelchair Ken too, actually we just want the wheelchair so unless he is cheap we will wait for a loose one on eBay I expect.
    I so agree with you when are we going to get a playline Ken with rooted hair? Please Mattel, and please don’t make it pink or blue just regular blonde or brunette although a red head or black would be amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are some really cool dollhouses out there! I like that the wooden ones are much easier to redecorate than the plastic ones.

      Surely there will be plenty of wheelchairs on eBay soon! As I’m sure there will be lots of collectors who will buy lots just for the bodies. (That’ll be me, lol!)


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