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Barbie Extra (Pink Blonde) Doll Review 2020

Sooo, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve probably heard of the Barbie Extra dolls. They were first revealed a few months ago and are finally available to purchase! (But be quick! They are notoriously difficult to find and sell out fast).

New Barbie line offers something 'extra' in time for the holidays

These are the five different dolls available – my favourite is the first one, and the last one, although all of them are super cool!

I was going to buy one on Amazon but all of them were $60 which I thought was too expensive. I thought I had missed out on this collection, but then I found the first one at Big W for $40! What a bargain. I’m hoping to find some more in the future.

Here she is in the box! The packaging is super “extra.”

I love the design on the box! The drawing is really cute.

Here’s the side of the box…

And here’s the other side…

On the front of the box, there was this little cardboard gummy bear with some glitter inside. It’s cute, but I wonder what the point of it was… I would have preferred it if was a little accessory (like a keychain) that you could use in real life.

Here’s the back of the box. It says that the doll includes “15 styling pieces” which is a bit of a reach, when you consider one of those “styling pieces” is a ring, and another is a a headband for a pig…

These drawings are really cute too!

“I’m free! I’m free!”

Let’s start from the bottom! Here we have her shoes, which are plain white with angel wings (to match the wings on the pet pig). They’re pretty nice, actually!

Her pants are blue with ruffles and stars. They’re cute, but not exactly practical. I can’t think they’d go with many other outfits.

The top is actually a bodysuit. It’s shiny metallic silver. She’s also wearing three different necklaces. They were held together by some elastic band, which I removed and then immediately regretted.

Here’s the gummy bear ring!

Here’s a close-up of the doll’s face. She has a nice facemould with minimal makeup. She also has big hoop silver earrings which I LOVE.

She has two little space buns and then two white clips in her hair. I LOVE, LOVE this doll’s hair! It’s so cool.

Her hair is mostly crimped with pink extensions. It’s also really, really long! Down to her knees. What a fashion statement!

We can’t forget about that GLAMOROUS big pink coat!

I just love this coat! It’s so OTT!

Can’t forget about those sunglasses either! These are one of my favourite pieces in this set.

The doll also comes with this really weird bag! It has no straps, so the doll just has to hold it very delicately. It’s quite ugly, too. Definitely not for me! Maybe I can use it as a pillow…

Here’s the other side of the bag.

This is the pet pig that the doll came with. The cloud, headband and angel wings all can be pulled apart. It’s pretty tacky, I think, and looks like a McDonalds toy.

Personally, I would have preferred an additional dress or a proper bag, rather than a pet!

And well, that’s my review! Overall, I love this doll’s hair (it’s so long and pretty!) and she comes with plenty of cool fashion pieces. I think for $40 she is worth the price, but I would have felt a little bit ripped off if I had paid $60 from Amazon.

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