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Barbie Cali Girl Teresa 2004 – Saying Hello to Another Cali Girl!

Hi everyone! Today I am super excited to share with you another recent eBay purchase – a 2004 Barbie Cali Girl “Teresa” doll!! She is my second doll in the Cali Girl series (the other character I have is Barbie).

I am a big, BIG fan of this series so I am really happy to have another doll from this collection! I absolutely love mid-2000s play line dolls, they have such cool style! I always wanted this doll growing up, so I am very happy that she is finally mine.

I only paid $30 – she was obviously a collector’s doll, as she was in SUCH PERFECT condition! I wish she had come with the original jumper, but nonetheless, I am still very happy.

The official product description says:

“Barbie®, Christie®, Teresa®, Ken® and Lea™ live it up under the sun! Barbie® and her friends are the ultimate Cali Girls living in the land of eternal summer with lots of fab things to do. Barbie®, Christie® and Teresa® jump in the 4X4 and head out.”

Cali Girl: Beach Blast | NuMuKi

Here is the stock image. Teresa is in the middle! The girl on the left of her, Barbie, is the other doll I have.

I really want the Kayla doll on the end! She looks SO stylish!

Here is a close-up of her makeup. Look at that blue eyeshadow and frosted lipgloss! There’s just something about mid-2000s hair and makeup that’s just so dreadfully UGLY and yet so INTERESTING, y’know?

Here she is with one of my recent purchases, a Kayla Fashion Fever doll.

In other news, I started watching Barbie: Princess Adventure to review it for this blog, but it was a bit boring so I turned it off halfway. I’m going to watch it again (from the beginning) another time! Eventually I will get a review out! (So far – it’s not looking good. It’s pretty hard to watch!)

In other, other news, I found a new doll Flickr I wanted to share with you all ! Here is the link:

I wanted to share this Flickr in particular as not only does it have some really nice doll photos, the captions are really interesting and long (like a blog!) I enjoy reading the stories about how the dolls are found and that sort of thing.

In other, other, other news, I finally moved out! I had to go through SO MANY inspections and applications and write so many letters and fill out so many documents, but it’s finally done! Everything’s been absolutely lovely so far. Everyone says that moving out is terrible, but I really love it. I decorated my room the way I like it, I get to eat all the foods I like, I can have friends over whenever I want… It’s great!

I also had a really important job interview today! I will find out in a few days whether I got the position. I know this is all not related to dolls but I wanted to share it here anyway!

I will write again soon – I am planning on making an updated “Doll Storage” post, since I am now using a new storage system, and I also want to write a review of Barbie: Princess Adventure (once I manage to get through it!)

One thought on “Barbie Cali Girl Teresa 2004 – Saying Hello to Another Cali Girl!

  1. First of all it’s great your move went well. I’d have to say that I hate the packing, cleaning and paperwork involved in moving. It’s very stressful but having a brand new space to decorate the way you like is fun, especially if you are moving away from family for the first time.
    Regarding the Cali girls I did have the Barbie but I didn’t like her as much so I moved her on a few years ago. I do have the AA girl still in her box and I think she is very pretty. Teresa and Lea are very nice too.I think what rather put me off Barbie was her very deep tan which I felt just didn’t suit her.

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