An Ode to Ever After High (Ashlyn Ella Photoshoot)

I recently gave away my Ever After High collection, but before I did, I snapped a few pictures of Ashlyn Ella, so I wanted to share them here!

Honestly, when Ever After High first released, I was pretty interested. I thought the dolls were really pretty and detailed. I really liked the “storybook” concept, too. However, I had only ever collected Barbie dolls in the past (okay, a few MyScenes too, but mostly Barbie!), so I didn’t want to start collecting another brand.

Eventually, the good looks and charm of the 2013 Briar Beauty doll drew me in! I spent $30 on my first EAH doll at Target and was instantly hooked! I was so impressed with the quality!

I quickly bought Ashlyn Ella (pictured here, duh) and also Rosabella Beauty, also for $30 each. I was obsessed with EAH! I wanted MORE! And thennn…. EAH was promptly discontinued! (I can’t remember the timeframe exactly, but it felt like only a few months after I started collecting them).

The hype began to die down and nobody really cared about EAH dolls anymore. I put away my collection and have hardly looked at them since.

Even though I still think that EAH dolls are really, really pretty (look at their beautiful faces! And such cool fashions!), I feel that I’m definitely more of a Barbie girl! I still definitely appreciate the beauty of the dolls, they’re just not something that I feel is necessary for me to own.

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