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Barbie Fashion Fever Kayla

Remember when I told ya’ll I bought a new doll? She’s arrived!!

This is Fashion Fever Kayla! I don’t know what wave or year she is from. (Yes, I have tried to look around, but I can’t find any specifics!) She was $30 from eBay. Not bad!

Here’s a close-up of her face. Her head isn’t obnoxiously big, which I know is common with FF dolls. Her hair is REALLY smooth and well-kept, obviously this was owned by a collector because it is IMMACULATE!

Overall she is is in 10/10 condition, it looks like she has only been taken out of the box for display.

Here’s a close-up of her clothes; they’re original. I love the colour scheme! Fashion Fever dolls have the BEST fashions! So detailed and really pretty.

The jacket is removable and made of a tough material. So cool! I’m glad the shirt and the jacket are seperate pieces.

This is what she looks like without the jacket. Super cute!

She also came with this stand. If you look closely, we can see it says ‘Barbie’ in shimmery writing. What a nice touch!

In completely unrelated news, somebody from a Barbie collector Facebook group that I’m in shared this picture of Skipper and her friends. I thought it quite a #Throwback so I wanted to share here!

I love their outfits and long hair! How COOL would it be to have a repro of this collection??? I’m obsessed!!

4 thoughts on “Barbie Fashion Fever Kayla

  1. I love the Fashion Fever line. I’m not sure which Kayla you have there but I’m probably going to be looking at pictures of her until I figure it out now. I have the Teen Skipper and Teen Courtney from the set you pictured. Those Teen Skipper and Skipper friends were very nice. I wonder if they will ever grow her up again?

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