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Barbie The Look City Shine Gold Dress (Collector Black Label 2016)

I originally reviewed this doll back when I first bought her in 2016 (see here), but the post is pretty bad quality, so I decided to re-review her!

Obviously I don’t have the box anymore, but she’s in pretty good condition (because she’s just been sitting on the shelf), so I thought I would show her off properly.

Here she is wearing the 2009 Wild Fashionista dress. Doesn’t she look stylish?

This doll cost me $60, making her one of my most-expensive dolls. However, I think she’s definitely worth it! She’s so much more higher quality than my playline dolls.

She’s my only doll with the Model Muse body and rooted eyelashes. I think this is one of those dolls that I will definitely keep forever.

** Housekeeping **

Blog Update: I have changed my domain address from to

“You stole my cake” was a reference to the 2011 film Barbie: Princess Charm School, but after five years, I have decided to change my address because I feel this is too niche! Not many people understand the reference.

So if you have saved “You Stole My Cake” in your bookmarks, or linked any of my old posts, the links won’t work anymore! However all the old content is still here – you’ll just need to update your bookmarks with the new address (

I think that “Adventures in Barbie Collecting” is a better representation of my blog’s current state. Hopefully it’ll do better in search results too!


4 thoughts on “Barbie The Look City Shine Gold Dress (Collector Black Label 2016)

  1. I have two of this doll. I love the Look collection. My first one I bought new. I forget how much but I think there was a special on at the time. The second one turned up a few months ago at a market and only cost me a couple of dollars. That practically never happens for me, finding a collectible doll at a market or thrift shop. It’s fun to have a second one so I can experiment with restyling her.

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