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Summer Lane Drive Is Finally Here!

Guys… Summer Lane Drive is here! AHHH! I seriously cannot believe the series has finally launched.

I know what you’re thinking; Hollie, what are you talking about? What is this?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you! I’ll explain!

Basically, back in 2015 (or 2014? Anyway, it was a long time ago), two YouTubers, Sam Freeman and Kirk Flash announced they were making a new Barbie series called “Summer Lane Drive,” a crime / drama show on YouTube. I think I mentioned it here! But as I said, it was literally, like, five or six years ago, so I’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten.

Anyway, the series was about to release and then suddenly – the channel died. Like, Kirk and Sam removed all the videos and there was complete radio silence on the Facebook page. I thought “well, guess they cancelled that!”

I was wrong. On January 28th, the first episode premiered on YouTube!

What. The. Heck. I was not expecting this.

The original trailer is gone, and the sneak peak has also been removed, so I assume the plot has changed quite a bit since the original idea. But anyway! It’s here! And it’s very good!

Here’s the first episode.

And here’s the second episode.

I’m really happy we have another Barbie series that’s targeted towards adults, especially since Most Popular Girls in School hasn’t uploaded in a long time.

Anyway! Just wanted to update you all.

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