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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hey! I haven’t forgotten about this site, I’ve just been bussyyy. I haven’t done any new Barbie-related things (my dolls are LITERALLY WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES as they were wearing six-ish months ago, everything is still set up the same, I haven’t touched anything).

I haven’t been replying to comments or reading your posts or anything like that (I’m sorry! I don’t hate ya’ll! I love you guys! I’m just so busy!) I literally do not check WordPress at all, so please don’t be offended ❤

Howeverrr, I have been doing lots of other stuff offline so I just wanted to share that here, just for my own personal record and to keep ya’ll updated! It’s always sad when my favourite blogs go dormant, so I thought I should write a nice proper update.

What I’ve Been Doing:

-I’m still at university! I got high distinctions in all my classes last semester (the highest grade you can get), and I was nominated to apply for a scholarship earlier this year. So this takes up a lot of my time (obviously) because I’m trying to do quite well!

-I studied in Japan for two weeks through my university! I also applied to go on EXCHANGE TO JAPAN next year, where I’ll be actually living in the domiroties and going to class and actually properly living there which’ll be aaamazzinggg. The process is REALLY LONG and COMPLICATED because there’s lots of grants and funding and whatnot to sort out, so obviously I can’t say that I’m 100% going at this stage but it’s looking good!

-I still work a proper job! The hours are really varied, sometimes only 10 hours and sometimes 40 but this again takes up quite a lot of time! However my job is really fun and I absolutely love it!

-I do a LOT of volunteering! Like, sometimes 4 days a week! But again, it’s all really fun and I absolutely love everything I do. I can’t give too much detail but it’s just the best!

-I’ve also applied to do some different volunteering stuff next year! I haven’t actually got the positions yet but I hope I do! It sounds dumb but I really love doing new stuff and helping out?? So I would definitely recommend volunteering if you aren’t too busy.

-I’ve also been applying for lots of internships! (Including one at GOOGLE in LONDON which I assume I won’t get, but somebody at my university told me to apply anyway and it’s nice to dream, okay?)

-I’m learning Japanese! To prepare for the overseas exchange program next year, of course. It’s really difficult and I have to study everyday or else I’ll forget. But it’s worth it! Last time I was in Japan, it was really exciting to order in Japanese and read the signs and so on.

-I’m writing a book! I’m not very far ahead but I want to publish it on iBooks hoepfully by next year! I’ve always loved writing and in the future I want do freelance writing, so this is a great way to practise.

-I’m still doing YouTube! It’s hard because my laptop is broken and I don’t have Photoshop anymore (which I’m very sad about because Photoshop Is Life), but again, absolutely love sharing vlogs and hauls and silly moments with everybody.

-I design and sell clothes in my own online store! All the manufacturing and actual production is done by an outside company, basically I just oversee the colours and the designs and the prices and the advertising, but HEY IT’S FUN and a nice way to earn passive income.

-And uhhh… that is it! If you’re thinking, “wow that’s a lot, how do you survive?” The answer is no TV, no movies, no mindless scrolling on Instagram and EXTENSIVE USE of the Notes app on my iPhone.

So that is my lil life update! Of course this wouldn’t be a Barbie blog if I didn’t include something related to Barbie, so here’s something exciting that happened recently – I wrote to the author of one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE Barbie Blogs, Plasticopia, and they actually wrote back! They haven’t written a post since 2012 so I was so surprised to find them on Twitter. I was very happy about that because frankly 2012 was a long time ago and I didn’t know what happened to the author. So it’s nice that they’re well, alive!

PACE xx Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year! Perhaps I will write a proper Barbie post soon, I honestly can’t say.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  1. So great to hear from you again, Holly! You are so, so busy, wow! Congratulations on doing so well at school. Glad to know you are engaging with life and doing so many things you love 🙂 Check in now and then and be sure to let us know what you think about the new BMR Barbie line. I miss your photographic window shopping sprees 🙂

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    1. Aaa I did actually see the BMR dolls on Twitter! I screenshotted them to make a post and then I forgot 😅 They are so COOL! Absolutely love the colours! And thank you, it’s busy but exciting and fun!

      I always make a point to go look at the new Barbies but there’s never any there – literally the same Fashionistas as 2017 and 2018, a couple of Dreamtopia dolls and maybe a few old fashion packs. It’s boorrrinngg. And concerning. I remember in 2016 there would be a whole aisle for Barbies but now there’s hardly any, it makes me worry for the future of the brand.

      But anyway! I digress. Thankyou for checking up on my lil blog and thank you for your kind words! ❤

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      1. Yes, I feel the same. At one time you could spot the Barbie aisle in any store from far away but now they are sharing a shelf with other dolls and there is rarely anything new or interesting to me. How I miss the Basics and the Fashion Fever eras.

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