Barbie’s New Look // Photoshoot

You might remember my old Barbie doll, from the Rainbow wave of the Fashionistas…


Well, I’ve decided it’s time to swap her out for a new “Barbie” character! Although I love this old Barbie doll, she was looking a bit outdated. Time for an upgrade!

Here is the doll that will now be known as the official “Barbie” in my stories! Recognise her?


She used to be Aria! As a character, Aria now ceases to exist. She’s gone. This doll is “Barbie” now.

The actual doll is the Made to Move Ski Doll.

New Barbie wears a retro top, black Made to Move leggings, and Amusement Park Skipper pink trainers. The sunglasses are from the “Overall Awesome” Fashionista.

While I was outside, I thought I may as well just snap some photos of my other dolls as well…

This is Neko, who is a Barbie Style Glam Night doll. She wears a retro dress (the seller told me it was from the 80s), with red shoes from Summer Rainbow Fashionista.

And here’s Nikki! She is the Overall Awesome Fashionista, wearing her OG shoes, Happy Family Grandma’s top, and Barbie Style Resort shorts. Her headband is from the “Back to School” Fashion Pack.

And here’s Jessica! She’s the Wear Your Heart Fashionista, wearing her OG shirt, a skirt from the “Aztec Chic” 2017 fashion pack, shoes from Barbie Style Resort, and a necklace from the Fashionista Cutie 2011 fashion pack. Her watch is from 2012 Beach doll Steven.

And here’s Aimee! She’s the redhead Made to Move doll, wearing a shirt from the “Boho” fashion pack, and MyScene Maddison Teen Tees pants.


And here’s everyone together! I was unsure about changing Barbie’s doll, because I had been using the Rainbow Fashionista one for so long, but I’m glad I did! I think she looks really youthful and sweet, and fits in more with my other modern dolls.


4 thoughts on “Barbie’s New Look // Photoshoot

  1. The new Barbie does look pretty good! I cannot wait to see her in your photostories!
    If you ever decide that you prefer the old doll, it is as easy as switching back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think it’s a nice change! Unfortunately I threw the old one away so I can’t swap back šŸ˜… It’s okay though, I am definitely happy with her new head!

      Liked by 1 person

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