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Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll Review (2019)

As we all know, Barbie’s 60th Anniversary is coming up very soon (March 9th!) so Mattel has been releasing a variety of “60th anniversary” themed products. The first one I spotted was this book at Big W.

At first glance, I thought this would be a book for adult collectors, with interviews, original sketches and stuff like that.

It was not. The book is just an illustrated children’s storybook of Barbie’s beginnings, which is still cool, I guess, but not for me.

The next 60th Anniversary product that I stumbled upon was this astronaut doll, to celebrate Barbie’s long history in space.

I bought this doll for $13. I just wanted the costume, really.

The doll’s face is just the standard BBB (Blonde Boring Barbie) that we are used to seeing nowadays.

Here’s the back of the box.

Cool story. I like the way this is written.

I think the 1998 version looks the best, and the 2019 version looks the worst (Sorry, Barbie. There’s just not much detail!)

Here’s what she looks like when you take her out of the box.

The helmet comes apart in two pieces, like a Kinder Surprise.

The boots are really thick, like what you’d expect from a real atsronaut.

The hair is probably the worst thing about this doll -it’s all stuck together! (Similar to the Zia from Rock n’Royals and the purple-haired Fashionista few years ago) I’ve gotten this out before, but it’s frustrating.

WHY PUT SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY ON?? IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY? (The answer is always no). Also, it’s funny because the doll in the promotional picture has nice soft hair, free from any clumps or stickiness.

The gloves are a bit hard to put on.

The outfit isn’t made that well -in this one picture, we can identify three (3) places where the stitching is loose already.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. because the outfit is cool and the price was nice and cheap. However, the doll is pretty basic and boring, and the hair is stuck together. Why can’t we have cool-looking, Fashionista-like dolls in career outfits?

I think it would have been cool if this set included other things, like a bag or cap (similar to the 1998 version), laptop or some other kind of accessory. Maybe a space-themed shirt to wear when she’s just hanging out at the research centre?

In other news, I also saw this Fake MTM doll at Big W and walked all the way around the store with it. I was almost at the cash register when I realised –wait! It’s the wrong doll! 

I didn’t look properly and actually thought I had found a MTM doll. I haven’t seen one in ages, so I grabbed it up immediately. How frustrating! They could have at least used a different outfit!

(However I suppose this doll would be good if you just wanted the outfit to make a soccer team. At $13 each, you could easily buy a few and create a fun soccer storyline out of them).

3 thoughts on “Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll Review (2019)

  1. I’ve seen the book too – it was fun to read. Mattel is trying really hard to change their reputation for the better. I get a lot of comments on social media about how bad a role model Barbie is because she is so thin and pretty. But honestly? Until I was 12 or so I didn’t realise Barbie wasn’t realistic!
    I love the stories on the back of the 60th Anniversary dolls! I’ve taken photos of all of them. I agree that the older clothes look better – with each of the 60th dolls I find that. I’m sure the current dolls and clothes spark just as much imagination, though!
    Aw, that sucks about the soccer doll 😦 I’ve seen her – I was almost fooled into thinking she was a MTM, but because I’d seen her in promotional images before I looked closer. But BigW did have a Barbie sale in my area, though, so I managed to get a MTM for only $15!

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    1. Ah I saw the $15 MTM in the catalogue! I was going to buy some but there was none available when I arrived. That’s such a good deal! They’re still on sale right now so I’ll have to go back and see if they got another delivery.

      Yeah, it really annoys me when I see the ‘bad role model’ thing all over Instagram. Like give Mattel a break lol, especially with all the new Fashionistas they’re doing.

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      1. Aw, I hope you find some that you like!
        Yeah. There are so many other toys that have, or used to have, some flaw but where rarely talked about.

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