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Barbie Shopping in Singapore! (AKA: Okay, I Promise I’ll Stop Complaining Now)

If you’ve read my blog for no longer than five seconds, you’ll know two things about me:

1.) I like looking at the Barbie selection in the shops, but I usually don’t buy anything

2.) I always complain about the prices

I think part of this is because I’m always visiting the US Amazon site, where they sell Fashionistas for as cheap as $9, and then I think “No fair! That’s so cheap!”

And then I realise, “Holly, that’s in US dollars, you moron. Ya gotta convert it!”

Even with the conversation, it still works out cheaper but honestly, it’s not even that bad! I should just get over myself and stop complaining!

But for real -I promise I’ll stop now, because I’ve recently visited Singapore and discovered that their prices are actually insane. It makes me grateful I don’t have to live there, to be honest.

BHG, Bugis

The Things I Didn’t Really Want to Buy: 

Here I am in BHG in Bugis. The single Fashionista is $25, the doll with the extra outfit is $30 and the Made to Move doll is $30.

I really liked the doll in the middle, especially since I’ve never seen a Fashionista with the extra outfit IRL before. However, I really couldn’t justify buying her because I’ve gotta declutter! I thought she was really pretty though.

Again, I also liked the Made to Move doll since I hadn’t seen her IRL before, BUT I don’t need another blonde basic Barbie doll (does anyone, really?)

Here we have another doll I’d never seen before. I thought she was pretty, but not anything that special.

The Skipper Babysitters Inc. dolls were $20 each, and they were certainly tempting! I’d only seen this girl once before, and I’d never seen the boy until then. However, the moulded hair on the boy is a huge turn-off, and I’ve already got lots of Skipper dolls, so I don’t really need another girl.

The Gymnast Made to Move doll was $40! Here in Australia, she is only $30. Definitely a no for me.

Over here we have some Dreamtopia dolls! The Colour Sparkle Princess (left) was $44 and the Brush Sparkle Princess (right) was $37. Again, another no from me. I don’t really like Dreamtopia dolls.

Here we have some Fashionistas -I forgot to take a photo of the price, but there weren’t any ones that really caught my eye.

I dunno, I just feel like today’s Fashionistas just aren’t worth buying if I’m going to have to find another body for them. It’s just too much hassle.

BHG, Bugis

The Things I Almost Bought:

The doll on the right is one that I really wanted! She was $30 and I stood there for quite a while and considered whether I actually needed her. $30 is not a super-bad price, considering you get two dresses and a jacket, and of course, a really pretty doll! They don’t sell these kind of Fashionistas where I live so it was my only opportunity to buy.

I eventually told myself ‘no,’ because again, the decluttering thing.

I also really wanted these two dolls because again, I’d never seen them IRL before. I actually picked them up and held them for awhile, but then I put them back because HOLLY YOU CAN’T SPEND $80 ON TWO DOLLS!

Yup. They were $40 each, which makes me want to cry because I really, really wanted them. The dolls themselves are so cute and I really like all the outfits they come with. I knew I could easily incorporate them into my storylines.

But alas, $40 each is too much. I walked away.

Changi Airport

THE CURVY MADE TO MOVE DOLL! Ahhh! This was my first time seeing her IRL (how many times do I have to say that?), and at only $28, I really wanted to buy her.

I didn’t end up buying her because again, decluttering. Aside from a few Dreamtopia dolls, that was pretty much the entire Barbie selection.

Some Things I Spotted at Kmart (Back in Australia)

Mini Christmas trees! These were only $7 each, and I really wanted the green ones for my side table. They would also make fantastic decorations for dollhouses, or creating some kind of “Santa’s Wonderland” at a doll-sized mall.

I didn’t buy them. Saving money and all that, but I thought it would be good to share in case anybody reading this is interested in picking one up.

16 pages of instructions on how to create your own “Magical Unicorn Poo!” Just what you need!

This isn’t relevant to anything, I just thought it was ridiculously weird.

Overall, Singapore has a decent selection of Barbies -there is a Toys R Us in Suntec that is currently selling a few Hello Kitty fashions (didn’t get any pictures), and there’s a few other Toys R Us locations around the country that I didn’t get a chance to visit. The BHG at Bugis has a great selection of Fashionistas, especially ones that come with extra outfits, but for me personally, I just don’t need more “stuff” and I’m happy with the dolls that I have.

In terms of pricing, things are quite expensive but there seemed to be quite a few rare items (the Skipper Babysitters Inc boy and the curvy MTM doll are notoriously difficult to find), so it could be worth it to spend a little extra, especially if you find something you can’t get elsewhere.

And that’s my thoughts! It was really interesting to see what kind of things were available in another country, even if I didn’t buy anything.




8 thoughts on “Barbie Shopping in Singapore! (AKA: Okay, I Promise I’ll Stop Complaining Now)

  1. Wow, those are some huge prices! As much as I want a lot of those items, I would never pay that much. Where I am, the Gymnast MTM is $20, so I could buy two of those. But the range of items and dolls they have there is amazing! I haven’t seen some of them online, even!


    1. I know right! It was tempting to get the Fashionista with the extra outfit but it’s just too much! It’s funny, I didn’t there was a particularly big market for Barbies in Asia, but I guess I was wrong!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly, I’ve never seen a lot of those Fashionistas in real life, either, or online.I’ve made the decision that I am not going to be getting any Fashionistas because they’re just not worth it to me anymore. Plus, I already have a collection that needs some decluttering. I don’t even know how many Fashionistas I’ve got with the zero-articulation bodies. Need to get rid of them soon..

    Also, I think it’s awesome you got to travel to another country! I hope you had a great time! I’ve always wondered what other countries are like because I’ve never left the States before. I’ve never been on an airplane, either. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself on your trip!

    Those prices you listed are crazy! I don’t think I’ve seen any Barbie doll (aside from the Birthday and Holiday ones, maybe) over $30! But I haven’t looked in the shops lately because I’m getting to the point where I’m losing interest. Have you ever had that happen? Where you don’t look at online stock photos very often, don’t check for new items, etc.? That’s the point I’m at. I guess I’m just moving on to other things for the time being. Don’t worry, though, I’ll still read your blog! I’m just not very interested in collecting and following the Barbie brand very closely anymore.


  3. Yes it was super fun! This was my second time going to Singapore, and I think I will definitely go again. I totally agree about the Fashionista thing -I do like the look of the recent Fashionistas, but there’s a lot of them that I just go ‘meh’ because I just don’t want to actually *own* them.

    I’ve definitellyyyyy gone through many, many stages like that! I feel like I’m actually in that place at the moment; I do like Barbie, but I don’t feel the strong desire to go out and buy more stuff, and I don’t really care about the new releases that much. For me, it usually lasts a few months and then I’m obsessed again, and then the cycle repeats over and over haha.


    1. Yeah, the Fashionistas are just kinda “meh”-that’s a great way to describe them. I’m glad you had a good time on your trip! Hopefully you’ll be able to go again sometime in the near future.

      I definitely don’t have the desire to buy anything at this time, and I don’t pay close attention to the new releases. I still check the Barbie YouTube channel, but I’m kinda disappointed by the recent content. For example, I’ve lost tremendous interest in the vlogs since they came back from the break with the low-quality animation. The vlogs in general are just not as interesting to me. The older vlogs are much better. Like, the ones that came out last December and before.

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  4. This is not related to this blog post, but I have news! I suppose it is kinda of good. Well, at least it is for me.
    Yesterday, I was reading the junk mail, and I found the whole Dreamhouse Adventures of DVD!! It was $13, which put me off it. But this is NOT the good news. I told my mum about it, and she said she can probably find it for free on the internet. I very much doubted her.
    But! She actually found it; and it was on an Aussie channel! She found it by total accident on Channel 9!!! I’m pretty sure all of Australia has Ch9, right? I know you aren’t wanting to watch it again that much, but I’m telling you anyway. They only have the first episode for now, since it was only aired a few days ago. But I have watched it on 9Now. It is available till 4th November, if you are interested. I have another episode on TV on Sunday morning…. at 6.30am lol. I’ll probably watch it on a later date.
    SO, yeah. I thought you might want to check it out or write about it. No need to pay a lot of money anymore! Just wait longer than US. But it is not International, right????!!!!!!
    Sorry about any spelling/grammar etc. mistakes, I’m kind of rushing this. If anything doesn’t make sense, just let me know.


    1. YAS THAT IS AMAZING!! Thank you for letting me know! I don’t watch real TV so I wouldn’t have seen myself. (There’s no way I’m getting up at 6:30 either, so I’ll definitely watch it online lol)

      I used to pay to watch it on Foxtel but that’s waaayy to expensive. Finally, someplace that’s free! Thankyou so much ~

      Liked by 1 person

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