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Dreamhouse Adventures S1E3 Recap, “Nobody’s Cupcake”

Hello! It’s Friday, which means we have survived another week! Hooray! It also means it’s time for another recap of Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures! Today we are up to Episode 3, which is called “Nobody’s Cupcake.”

If you missed the previous two recaps, you can check them out here:

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♡ S1E2, Clubhouse

Today in the Roberts household, it is the official Wear a Puppy Like a Wig Day. Ridiculous, yes, but also kind of endearing.

Stacie bursts into the room to announce that she has gotten Barbie accepted onto an “extreme” television reality contest -similar to Wipeout, or whatever that Ninja Warrior show is.

Barbie will be competing against a top social media influencer, who regularly appears on the show. She has a huge fanbase and the producers absolutely adore her.

It’s time to start training!

It’s interesting to see Barbie’s house from such a distance.

Barbie’s training hits a roadblock when she notices a spider, her biggest fear.

Princess Charm School flashbacks, anyone?

Barbie then deviates from her narration to tell a story about how her fear of spiders began. When exploring the jungle with her father, she came across a huge spider and has been terrified of them ever since.

I really liked how they explained this in the “draw my life” style. It’s really cute!

Outside their house, the social media influencer (I forgot her name), and the producer, are spying on Barbie’s training.

It’s time for the competition to begin! The two competitors will be collecting ingredients for cupcakes, which are scattered all over an obstacle course.

Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea are here to support Barbie.

So are George, Ken and Margaret. But where are Teresa and Nikki? I thought it was odd that they weren’t invited.

It’s time for the challenge to start! Barbie has trouble making it up the wall, but the influencer climbs up with ease. Almost as if the producers are making it easier for her…

The influencer has no trouble navigating around the other obstacles.

Things are getting worse for Barbie.

Attack of the giant chicken!

As expected, the influencer wins the first and second rounds. Despite having a harder time, Barbie isn’t giving up and finds creative ways around the challenges.

Sidenote: Is this the new Randy Bravo? Is this guy going to appear whenever there’s a sprinkle shortage or a new reality show to host?

It’s time for the final round. Barbie discovers that the producer has been sabotaging the game to ensure the influencer is crowned the winner. Stacie and Skipper encourage Barbie to give up, but as we know, that’s just not Barbie’s thing.

She uses her creativity to finish the round, even though she knows it’s been rigged against her.

The influencer isn’t happy.

However, there’s no time to stand around yelling at producers -it’s time for the next part of the challenge! The contestants have to bake the perfect cupcake using the ingredients they collected.

But wait! They must fight in an ultimate tug-for-war for the icing.

The influencer sees a (fake) spider, set by the producer for Barbie, and tumbles to her death.*

*Just kidding. She just hangs there until the competition is over.

Despite the challenge being set against her, Barbie is crowned the winner!

Overall, I liked this episode. I did. However, it seemed a bit repetitive and predictible. Barbie and the influencer face an obstacle. Influencer finds it easy. Barbie finds it difficult, but uses her secret knowledge / some kind of trick to work her way around the problem. Barbie is the winner.

Once again, I felt there was no character development -we never learnt why the influencer was so concerned about winning, for example. It would have been great if there was some “woe is me” backstory about how her parents always wanted her to be the best, or something like that.

I think I would prefer this series if there was some kind of ongoing theme or drama, instead of each episode just having a small storyline, unrelated to anything else. For example, throughout the series, perhaps Ken and Barbie develop feelings for each other and eventually begin their relationship (er, again). Or perhaps there is trouble with her sisters, parents, or friends. Something that continues along each episode!

I mean, even television sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond (my favourite) or The Big Bang Theory have some kind of “ongoing development!”

We’ll see what happens next time!


4 thoughts on “Dreamhouse Adventures S1E3 Recap, “Nobody’s Cupcake”

  1. I, too, wish there was some chronology in the series. It would be more interesting, I think!

    Okay, so, the other night I accidentally sent you a comment with five links on it. It doesn’t look like WordPress accepted it, which I’m grateful for! I don’t want anybody to see my mistake, it’s embarrassing! But I am new at this stuff…(That is also why that apology comment is there from me.)

    Anyway, the links concerned that “totally random” thing I said I’d mention. In the comment (the unposted one) I asked if you’ve ever heard of Karen Carpenter, and explained that she and her older brother Richard were very popular American singers in the early 70s-early 80s.Also, I informed you that Karen suffered from anorexia nervosa, and tragically and heart-breakingly died as a result, despite seeking treatment, at the young age of 32 in 1983. Her rather gaunt and thin appearance makes it painful to watch some of their videos. I accidentally sent you like five links to the same song, but, as I mentioned, I don’t believe it posted.

    However, I really, really want you to listen to some of their songs! I’m obsessed! But I’m scared to do any more links, so here’s a list of some of my favorites (all on YouTube): “Hurting Each Other”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Superstar”, “Only Yesterday”, “I Need to be in Love”, and “A Song for You’. That is a rather long list, sorry for that, it’s just that Karen had such a beautiful voice and I could literally listen to these five times a day! (Or more!)

    Sorry for not being able to provide links. Anyhow, you can search for these on YouTube, listen, and see what you think. As I said, I’m obsessed, but I realize you may never feel the same. I’m just feeling desperate! (Be sure to include “Carpenters” before the title as there may be other versions out there.)


    1. WordPress always blocks comments automatically if there’s too many links, because it thinks they’re spam, but I read your comment! (don’t worry about the links not working, I do stuff like that as well!)

      Anyway, I was able to watch their music videos by searching them up. It’s quite different to what I normally listen to (PNAU, Drake, The Chainsmokers, Sia, etc.), but their music is still really lovely. Karen has a really great voice! It’s upsetting that she passed away so young, but it’s good that her music is still available for everyone to remember her.


      1. Honestly, I’m really glad WordPress blocked it because that theoretically means it only shows up on my screen, right? I mean, last time I checked it was still showing with all the links and it said they wanted modification or something. Problem is, I don’t know how to delete or edit comments.

        I’m glad you were able to find them! I agree that Karen had a beautiful voice, and I find it devastating she died so young. I don’t know exactly which performances of their songs you saw (there were quite a few), but in some of them you can really see her anorexia is getting worse. Especially in the “Only Yesterday” video, where she and Richard are standing by that water fountain. The one where I believe she looks the worst would have to be their 1978 “Mr. Postman” performance. That one is really hard to watch. (That’s also why I didn’t include it in my list last comment. Don’t know if you just listened to the ones I mentioned or not, but anyway..)

        I’m very grateful for YouTube so we can still listen and enjoy their music. I think the two of them worked together wonderfully, with Karen singing (and in some songs, playing the drums), and her brother Richard figuring out what songs they were gonna cover (he wrote a few of them, I think), but some were just their versions of a particular song that had been around for years. I don’t care if he wrote it or not, however, I think it’s still really special regardless. He’s still alive, and I’ll bet he shared he and his sister’s music with his children. (Maybe grandchildren by now)

        One random thing but I have literally never even heard of any of the groups you mentioned! My aunt introduced me to the Carpenters, and other older groups since that’s what she grew up listening to. I honestly don’t know most of the current popular singers, and if I have heard of them I couldn’t tell you a song they sing! Lol! Guess I’m just old school fifteen year old!


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