Drew’s Plan // Ello Models Inc.

It’s a week later, and the models have gathered back at Ello Models Inc. to try on their outfits for the Jeans For Change campaign.

Their manager, Chloe, is impressed with the girl’s outfits. “Wow, you all look great!” she says. “I’m certain this campaign will be a success.”

“Nikki, I’m so glad you’re going to be the lead model!” Chloe continues. “You look fantastic! Does the dress fit okay?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect!” Nikki wasn’t looking forward to being the lead model in this shoot, but now that she’s tried on the dress, she’s realised that it might be fun.

“However, your hair looks a bit… Er…” Chloe isn’t sure how to tell Nikki her hair looks terrible. “…It could use some work! How about we head to the salon to book an appointment?”

“Alright!” Nikki has to agree -her hair definitely could use some work!

Nikki turns to Drew and Jessica, the other models. “Bye girls! See you next week!”

“Bye, Nikki!” Jessica waves.

Once Chloe and Nikki are safely out of earshot, Drew turns to face Jessica. “It’s so unfair how Nikki is the lead model!” she says.

“Is it?” Jessica isn’t sure why Drew is always being rude to Nikki. “I think Nikki is nice.”

“But don’t worry, I know exactly what to do!” Drew smirks.

Jessica looks confused. “What are you talking about? What are you going to do?”


8 thoughts on “Drew’s Plan // Ello Models Inc.

  1. Oh no! Sabotage! That doesn’t sound good! Definitely drama ahead! Drew needs to learn some common manners about respecting other’s achievements! Lol! Like, she can’t always be the star! There’s always that one person who wants all the attention!

    Anyway, I was planning on telling you something totally random, but unfortunately forgetful me didn’t even consider the fact that I would need to grab the links off the Internet! Sorry about that! Since there really is no perfect post to comment on something totally random, I’ll probably tell you on your next post. So sorry to leave you in suspense! Lol! Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait! And yes, this is pretty weird, but it’s actually something I’ve been wanting to mention for days! Hopefully you won’t mind that it isn’t Barbie or doll-related? I try not to do this too often! I promise it won’t become habit! Anyway, sorry about all that. Definitely the weirdest comment I’ve ever posted!


    1. You’re so right! Some people just like to make things all about themselves. I haven’t had a “mean character” in such a long time, so it’s fun to write Drew.

      Ah nooo! SUSPENSE! I suppose that’s what I get for leaving you all at a cliffhanger in the photostory, haha. (And no, of course I don’t mind! I talk about lots of non-Barbie things on this blog. It makes things more “real life related”) In regards to your previous comment, I find with the “losing power helps you appreciate it more” is true for a lot of things. For example, when I have a stomach-ache, I always appreciate it whenever I don’t have a stomach-ache. Does that make sense??

      Also, about the puppies -I am definitely skipping that episode. Nope, nope, not happening. This is my protest to Mattel. Ahahaha.


      1. Yeah, sorry about the suspense! Lol! I’m gonna give you a little clue. It has to do with videos (none very long) but I’m having a really hard time deciding which is the best. Honestly, this is probably gonna be something you’ve never even heard of. (Which makes it really weird for me to even bring it up but I guess I just can’t help myself. Lol!)

        Yeah, appreciating good health after you’ve been sick makes perfect sense, too. Or that time when I had like four tests one Friday. It helps me to appreciate it when I’m not overwhelmed with four tests on a Friday. (Not trying to equate those two, as being sick with a stomach-ache is obviously much worse than having a bunch of tests. Poor comparison on my part!)

        Yeah, I also considered skipping that episode, too-I kept looking to see how much time was left on it. it just did not interest me the way the others did. So you know what episode to skip, it’s called, “A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale”. or something like that. The whole thing was so bizarre! Like, we haven’t had talking puppies in years (which also brings up the question as to why they aren’t full-grown dogs yet), but suddenly for some strange reason Mattel felt the need to bring back talking puppies! Hopefully they won’t have any more episodes like that!

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  2. You are so good at cliffhangers!
    Also, this isn’t meant to be rude or anything, but I find it a bit funny… Lots of pictures the pictures of Chloe make her look a bit like she is pregnant..? Again, this isn’t meant to be rude. You don’t have to change it, just saying 🙂


    1. I was editing the pictures afterwards, and that was exactly what I thought! I think it’s the dress -lots of dolls look like that when they’re wearing it.

      But now that you mention it, that would actually be a great storyline if Chloe found out she was pregnant…

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