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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: S1E2 Recap, Clubhouse

Today it’s time for another recap of Dreamhouse Adventures! This episode is called “Clubhouse” and is all about, you guessed it, Chelsea’s clubhouse!

(Once again, Foxtel Now blocks you from taking screen snaps of television programs, so I had to take these with my phone. Sorry they are a little blurry!)

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Another day, another episode! Today Barbie and Skipper are hanging out in Skipper’s room when Chelsea’s birthday package arrives. Barbie, Skipper and Stacie have planned on getting Chelsea a cupcake-shaped pool float.

Unfortunately, the wrong item was delivered! Barbie, Chelsea and Skipper decide to scrap the pool float idea and go for something else completely different instead -like making over Chelsea’s clubhouse!

Hmm… Wasn’t this already done?

(I know the storylines are different but the premise is similar)

We see a quick flash of the puppies for a moment, but thankfully, they don’t say a word! I really don’t like these puppies. So annoying!

Barbie gives her longtime friends, Nikki and Teresa, a call to ask if they can help with the clubhouse’s makeover. This is the first time we have seen them in Dreamhouse Adventures so far. I was very interested to find out whether their personalities were similar to how they were in Life in the Dreamhouse. 

Nikki and Teresa have lots of ideas about the kind of makeover they should give the clubhouse.

Skipper, Stacie, Barbie, Nikki and Teresa move the clubhouse out to the road to clean it up.

Barbie is distracted talking to Ken, so she doesn’t realise that the clubhouse was picked up by a van! Since the clubhouse was by the road, the driver thought it was trash.

Barbie, Nikki and Teresa head out to look for the clubhouse.

At this point, I’m seriously wondering -why don’t you just buy her something else? Like, from the shops?

They follow the van to a junk yard, and meet a new character called Ben. Barbie remarks that Ben is an usual name for a woman. For me, this comes across as a bit rude? I would never say something like that. Anyway, Ben says “Not really! It’s short for Benjamin.”

Barbie asks where the clubhouse has gone. Ben says that the driver probably took it home to her kids.

“Oh, great!” Barbie says.

Ben continues. “Only she doesn’t have any kids! Oh, she’s probably just taken it to the dump!”

At this point, I was seriously laughing my head off. I had to rewatch this scene! Ben is just so funny. I hope we see her again.

Teresa explains that she has been developing a new app that allows her to trace the location of a mobile phone. Firstly, that’s a bit creepy, and secondly -since when is Teresa smart? It looks like the days of “yoghurt classes” (LitD) and “aliens have invaded Ken’s brain” (Fashion Fairytale) are long behind us!

Ben gives the girls the phone number of the driver (who has the clubhouse on his van), so they can track him.

Personally, I’m pleased. The “Teresa-is-a-bimbo” character was getting a bit stale, so it’s good to know she has actual interests now (besides fashion design and generally being an airhead).

Nikki, Teresa and Barbie drive through LA, searching for the van. Nikki makes several stops along the way to pick up supplies for the makeover.

They arrive at the junkyard, but hit a dead end. It looks like they won’t be getting the clubhouse after all! Teresa and Nikki comfort Barbie, and tell her they can think of a good excuse to tell Chelsea on the way home. However, Barbie isn’t giving up yet!

Barbie leads Nikki and Teresa through the walls of trash, and they climb up to the top. But hmm… How to get down?

In a turn of events, Barbie picks up an old metal lid and skateboards down the pile of trash to stop the machine from destroying the clubhouse.

While this was an interesting twist, I felt that the “I always carry a helmet” trope was a bit ridiculous. I think it would have been much better if she had just conveniently found a helmet from the trash pile.

The machine stops, and Chelsea’s clubhouse is saved! Now, all that’s left to do is give the clubhouse a makeover.

Chelsea’s clubhouse is complete! It’s the perfect product tie-in for the Chelsea’s clubhouse playset, which looks pretty much the same.

Chelsea’s birthday is perfect!

What I Liked:

♡ It was great to see Nikki and Teresa again! I’m glad these longstanding characters were included. I’m happy to see that Teresa isn’t an airhead anymore.

♡ I liked how the episode played out. The storyline was unpredictable and entertaining. I actually enjoyed watching it. Although I enjoyed Episode 1, I think this episode is even better!

♡ I liked how the story switched from different perspectives, and I like how Barbie narrates the story in a vlog / storytime format.

♡ I thought Ben was a really cool and funny character.

♡ It was great how Barbie was wearing a different outfit. The trailer showed Barbie wearing the same outfit over and over again, but thankfully, this is not the case.

♡ I’m glad Ken was included again. We didn’t really find out anything more about his character or personality, but then again -we didn’t find out much about anybody. This brings me to my next point…


What I Didn’t Like:

♡ Nikki and Teresa felt seriously watered down. We learnt that “Teresa is smart and can design a smartphone app that tracks people,” but apart from that? Nothing.

♡ I thought it was stupid how Barbie just happened to “always brings a helmet with her.” Like… She could have not worn a helmet, or picked one up from the ground. It just seems unrealistic! She wasn’t even holding a bag!

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was entertaining to watch! I was a bit worried after finishing Episode 1, because although I definitely did enjoy it, I did get a teeny bit bored at some points (mostly when Chelsea was complaining). But I think I will really enjoy this series!

One thing I find interesting is, so far, none of these events were really highlighted in the trailer. I haven’t watched it since May, but didn’t it mostly focus on Barbie’s friends road trip, a concert, and then the girls exploring a cave with coloured rocks everywhere? I don’t think there was anything to do with a dump / Chelsea’s birthday / technology going wild, or anything else I’ve seen so far.

I’m very excited for the next episode! I believe it’s called “Nobody’s Cupcake” -I assume it’s the gameshow episode? There was a leaked video published back in May, I think, that showed a quick scene from that episode. I’m not sure whether it is still available now, it might have gotten removed.

-PACE! ☆




7 thoughts on “Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: S1E2 Recap, Clubhouse

  1. Yeah, I really thought it was stupid for Barbie to carry a helmet with her everywhere. Nobody does that! And they were literally in a junkyard, so they could totally have found a helmet among the trashed stuff! I guess Mattel figured kids wouldn’t pick up on that!

    Also, I noticed the personality difference is Teresa, too. Definitely not an airhead anymore! Which I found much better than her Fashion Fairytale persona. Nikki didn’t really show much of a personality, except she apparently now loves fashion designing. Also, is it just me, or does Teresa look a little different now? I feel like she’s shorter, and her hair’s a different shade. Almost like it has a shade of red in it? And if I remember correctly she now has green eyes? I’m pretty sure she used to have brown.

    Anyway, just a little Hurricane Florence update. The winds are generally calmer than they were Friday, but I saw on TV (we lost power but finally got it back), that schools in my county are closed Monday. That won’t be official until I get a call from my school, but it seems likely as many are still without power and trees are down everywhere.

    Also, I watched Season 2 of DA on Thursday, and while a few of the episodes were pretty good, one was just pretty strange. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but let’s just say you’re probably not gonna love it since the puppies talked the whole episode! I wasn’t expecting that! I like it better when they’re quiet!

    This might sound dumb but I’m just curious…is Holcee a nickname? If not, I still think it’s really pretty! I’ve never heard of it before!


    1. I definitely noticed the red hair, but I didn’t notice whether her eyes were green or brown before. I like her new hair colour -it looks nice.

      Yay, time off school! Although there’s probably going to be rubbish and branches everywhere from the hurricane, so cleaning that up won’t be fun. It’s so annoying whenever I don’t have power -I don’t know what to do with myself!

      PS: I am not looking forward to the talking puppies. I was glad they were silent! Arg.

      PPS: Yes, Holcee is my online nickname 🙂


      1. Yeah, there already are branches and pinestraw everywhere, even a few trees down. I really don’t like losing power, but I’ve found that it helps you to be more thankful for it. You never realize how much you truly appreciate something until you lose it.

        The puppies talked for basically the entire episode, which I didn’t expect. The last time they talked was in, what, Puppy Chase? That was in 2016, so, two years ago! The new episode was a whole little story about them. The other family members really didn’t do much at all, except a few speaking lines.

        I figured Holcee was your nickname, but I wasn’t sure! That makes a lot more sense now!

        Liked by 1 person

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