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Barbie Women’s Weekly Cookbook

Hello everyone! I know, I know, it’s been a little while since my last post. I’m in the process of setting up for my next photostory, so hopefully that should be posted soon. I’ve got the script all written up, now I need to dress the dolls and start photographing! ~

In other news, I bought the Barbie Women’s Weekly Cookbook! I first noticed it on Sam and Mickey’s Instagram, after they attended a Barbie High Tea in Sydney.

I thought “oh, that looks cool!” and then never thought about the cookbook again. I assumed it was exclusive to the high tea.

But no! I found it at Woolworths! (a grocery store) It said it was $15 on the price tag, but when I scanned the product, it came through as $3. It must have been a mistake, but it sure worked in my favour!

The cookbook features Anna Polyviou, a celebrity chef. I haven’t heard of her before, but her hairstyle sure looks cool!

There are three sections in the book -sweet treats with a friend, healthy snacks for after school and meal time with the family.

The description reads:
This book is crammed with healthy snacks, family meals and yummy treats. There are even super cool birthday cakes to try.

Enjoy some hang-time in the kitchen with Mum or Dad. You can get creative together! Follow the recipes or mix things up, like pastry superhero Anna Polyviou does. She designed some of these recipes.

As Anna says, cooking is all about experimenting and having fun. Getting a picture-perfect result is awesome. But if not, so what? It’ll still taste great.

So, be a Junior Executive Chef for the day. Go on… You can do it! 

The introduction reads:
Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Maybe you’ll become a top pastry chef like Anna Polyviou. You might be into maths or dream of being a scientist. Are you the creative type? Maybe you’re just not sure. It’s fun to imagine where your life might take you. It’s even better to try out new things.

That’s why Barbie and pastry pro Anna Polyviou teamed up to bring you these awesome recipes, with a little help from The Australian Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen!

They’re super delicious, of course. But mostly they’re about having a go and enjoying yourself in the kitchen. There are some tricky bits, because challenging yourself is important. Don’t worry about making mistakes. That’s how you learn new stuff.

Honestly, some of these recipes look quite difficult! There’s lots of techniques that I have never used before, so I’m not sure how a child would be able to manage most of these recipes! (but I suppose there would always be somebody helping them anyway)

I’m really looking forward to trying some of these out! I’ll try to record the process for YouTube, and then I’ll also make a blog post out of it. (I’ll probably put it on my other blog, Holcee, since I often do cooking posts over there)

On a completely unrelated note, aytronschmidt posted this picture on Instagram the other day. It really got me thinking about all the naked, scruffy dolls I see at markets every now and again -usually I say “ew, a dirty doll!” and just keep walking. But this kind of ‘before and after’ pictures make me realise that even dirty, scruffy dolls can look beautiful!

I’ll definitely keep this in mind next time I spot a messy doll in the bargain bin somewhere!

2 thoughts on “Barbie Women’s Weekly Cookbook

  1. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never even seen that cookbook before. I believe they featured the celebrity chef in some cooking videos on the Barbie YouTube channel a few months ago. The cookbook looks pretty neat, but I’d have no use for it as I’m not really into cooking. My aunt and I did, however, make a cake last Saturday, and while it didn’t turn out looking the greatest we’ve ever made, it sure did taste good! We might be making some monkey bread soon. Yep, that’s an actual thing, and it’s pretty good, from what I remember. We haven’t made it in years, though. It’s basically a pastry type thing with caramel over it. I think. I can’t remember exactly.

    Aside from all that, if I remember correctly, Dreamhouse Adventures releases to your streaming service tomorrow, right? I’m assuming you’re probably gonna do a review of some kind? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


    1. I googled monkey bread and it looks SO GOOD! I don’t think I’d be able to make something like that, it looks complicated -I think I’ll stick to cupcakes haha.

      And yes, the first episode of Dreamhouse Adventures JUST finished and I’m about to write up my first impressions! It was really good, I liked how everything came together in the end -and Ken and Barbie’s parents had such an important role! I wasn’t expecting them to feature so much. Anyway, I’ll write more in the post ~


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