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How to Watch Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures in Australia FOR FREE

Alright gang, listen up. We’ve got GOOD NEWS and we’ve got BAD NEWS:

The BAD NEWS is that Mattel still hasn’t released Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures on Netflix anywhere outside the US. I have contacted Netflix myself and they have said there are no current plans to release DA (Dreamhouse Adventures) on Netflix. Mattel also has not responded on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram to questions about an international release. And trust me, I’ve asked over and over again!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 8.39.47 pm.png

Frankly, it’s frustrating. It shows that Mattel really doesn’t care about their international audience. I mean, it’s one thing to not release certain dolls or sets outside the US (Asha Made to Move, I’m looking at you!), but it’s another thing not to release an entire show, and then not give out any information about it!

It’s also frustrating that they decided to use Netflix as their main release platform -what about DVD as well? Many countries don’t even have access to Netflix to begin with! Releasing it on DVD would make them so much money! 

Alright. So that’s the bad stuff out of the way. Onto the GOOD NEWS!

The GOOD NEWS is that Foxtel Now exists. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you haven’t. Basically -it’s a streaming service, similar to Netflix, giving you limited access to selected Foxtel channels. It’s $15 for a ‘group’ of channels, and there are groups to suit your interest (eg; drama, kids, documentaries, etc.).

This isn’t the same as your regular Foxtel service. There’s no installation, because there’s nothing to install. It’s not a physical product -it’s just a website that you pay $15 per month to access. Once again, this does not get you all Foxtel channels, just a few.

Technically, you can access this Foxtel Now service on your TV -but you need a very specific type of machine. The TVs that have Foxtel Now included are really expensive! So it’s best to just stick with your PC or Mac.

Although Barbie: Dremhouse Adventures is a US-only Netflix exclusive, for some bizzare reason, it is available on Foxtel Now! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 8.36.12 pm.png

I know what you’re thinking -“Holly, you said this was free. Foxtel Now has a minimum cost of $15 per month! That isn’t free!”

But here’s the really good news:

Two words.

Free trial.

Related image

That’s right! Foxtel Now has a FREE TRIAL that you can access even if you don’t have the regular Foxtel! There are a few conditions though:

1.) You need to be 18 years or older

2.) You need to have a credit card

3.) You need to have a compatible device (PC or Mac will be okay)

4.) Once the free trial ends, you will be charged. Remember, it’s $15 per month minimum, so make sure you cancel before the trial ends!

The first episode will be available on September 7th, 4:55-5:25pm. 

And yes, you can bet I’ll be waiting by my Mac for it to start. Reviews await!

(There are also lots of other benefits for getting the Foxtel Now trial, since there are plenty of other shows that are difficult to watch outside of the US, such as Wizards of Waverly Place, America’s Next Top Model, The 100, Spongebob, Modern Family and Friends.)


9 thoughts on “How to Watch Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures in Australia FOR FREE

  1. I’ve never heard of Foxtel Now, Holly! This is all pretty interesting! I’m sorry you can’t get it to Netflix, but at least this means you can still watch it!

    To me, it makes zero sense for Dreamhouse Adventures to be a USA only release. I would’ve thought it would launch in the entire North America first, and then release in all other foreign places where applicable. I mean, it makes sense to not release it in countries where there’s so few people who could access it (or where the government wouldn’t allow it, like in Venezuela,) but I would think the U.K, Australia, and France would be prime examples of countries with the best ratings for something like this. Not sure if Netflix even counts ratings, but what I mean is that those three places I mentioned would be most likely to view.

    I found something interesting the other day on Amazon. There was a DVD of Dolphin Magic listed for pre-order. I think the release date was sometime in mid-September. I don’t know where it will release outside of the US, but I’m guessing it will release in places that don’t have Netflix access and therefore couldn’t watch it last September. (It’s been that long?! Wow! Time flies!)

    Oh, one more thing. I saw on the Barbie YouTube channel the other day about more Dreamhouse Adventures episodes releasing on September 13th. I’m assuming Foxtel Now will most likely release them on that day as well, right? I sure hope so. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


    1. Yes, I watched that! I usually don’t watch anything related to Dreamhouse Adventures because of spoilers, but there wasn’t anything too revealing.

      The DVD release will be so good! Maybe it shows that Mattel hasn’t completely dropped the idea of DVD. It’ll be interesting to see the front and back cover art. (Sidenote: Wow, I am interested in weird things… haha)

      I think, with Foxtel Now, they will only release one episode per week. So it’ll be a little bit later than the 13th -but hopefully soon! I’ll be happy to continue paying $15 per month just for DA, honestly. (And of course, the fact that I can finally watch America’s Next Top Model helps!)


      1. The main thing I noticed in the trailer was there seemed to be a giant robot thing towering over Barbie, Ken, Daisy, Nikki, and Renee at one point. And there were two other blonde girls standing near Barbie and Ken. I wonder who they were supposed to be? I was pretty surprised to see them, honestly, since they already introduced Daisy, so I would think Barbie would have enough friends by now. Lol! We’ll just have to wait and see!

        Totally random, but I’m back at school now, and things are pretty good so far! My school has only one senior this year! That’s the smallest graduating class since I’ve started kindergarten! I don’t remember ever having a class that small! It’s crazy! I guess this means the junior-senior banquet will be a pretty small group this year!


      2. Ah yes, how could I forget about the giant robot? Haha. It’ll be interesting to find out what that is!

        Wait, so only one senior, like, only one person in senior year? That’s so crazy! A banquet sounds like so much fun -a chance to get all dressed up, maybe? 🙂


  2. Yep, John is our only senior this year! He’s actually the younger brother of one of my cousin Brittany’s friends, not that you know who they are. But anyway, he’s really nice and I’m so happy for him!

    And yes, the junior-senior banquet is totally formal. The girls wear some of the most beautiful dresses, and the best part is you can wear whatever color you want. Lots of girls have worn dresses in shades of pinks, blues, aquas, and purples, though one girl last year wore black. They require that the dresses be pretty long, which makes perfect sense for a formal banquet. The guys usually wear suits and ask out their girlfriend (if they have one, of course). You are also allowed to go with a group of friends or by yourself. Not to rant about this for too long, but our teachers do little skits after the dinner, which are supposed to be pretty funny!

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  3. Hi Holly and Sarah Jane my name is Bloom and I live in the UK and I have been trying to find Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures since I heard on YouTube it came out but I can’t find anywhere I can watch it and I really would like to watch can you give me any places I can watch it I would really like to see it if you can’t it don’t matter

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