Making Barbie’s House -Floating Shelves and 3D Bulletin Board

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was inspired by Dreamhouse Adventures to create my own version of Barbie’s house. Previously, Barbie and her sisters lived in the Glam Vacation House, but I’ve since sold this house and Barbie and her sisters have essentially been homeless ever since!

I was also watching this video recently, which helped me to figure out how to make the floating bookshelves. If you can’t be bothered to watch it (I generally don’t watch videos within blog posts either!), I’ll explain below as well.

Here are the scrapbook papers that I picked up from the store. Can we acknowledge these five pieces of paper came to $7.50? A bit expensive if you ask me!

To begin with, I covered a cardboard box with the scrapbook paper (I only needed two of the yellow shirts -I’ll save the rest for another day), and then cut out a door from the Internet.

To make the “floating shelves,” I printed off two books from the My Froggy Stuff blog and glued a thick piece of cardboard in-between.

To make the shelves themselves, I covered thick pieces of cardboard in white paper. The items on the shelves are all hot glued down. To customise the photo frame, I just glued a promo image over an existing stock image. Bye-bye 2005 generic Teresa and Barbie! Hello, new Fashionistas! 

Then, I used hot glue to attach the shelves to the wall, and then I attached the books between them for more support. The books are attached to each other, the bottom shelf, the top shelf and the wall.

To make the bulletin board, I stuck a piece of thick cardboard underneath a printed image of a real bulletin board. Then, I stuck images from my blog onto the bulletin board, and added a few push pins for decoration. The pins go all the way through to the other side, so it wasn’t necessary to glue the board to the wall.

Generally, Barbie houses are usually very pink and glamorous, but I decided to go for a more natural, cozy look, similar to the house in Barbie and her Sisters in a Pony Tale. 

It turned out looking less “natural” and more “just like your grandmother’s house,” but nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with the finished result.

I wish I had stuck the door to a piece of cardboard, so it would have looked more 3D, but I didn’t think of that at the time 😦 It probably looks worse because the colour of the door and the colour of the wallpaper are so similar.

Oh -I used a white push pin to create the door handle, and finished off the design with the “Date Night” furniture pack and a small plant I picked up from the discount store.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out! I think the shelves and the 3D bulletin board makes the design look really interesting, and I love my choice of wallpaper. I was worried it was going to look a bit “busy,” but I think it’s perfect!

Have you created any rooms for your dolls lately? How did that turn out? For me personally, I haven’t crafted in awhile so I really enjoyed putting this all together

FYI: Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure still has one more episode to go! It haven’t had time to write it up yet, but I will soon! xx

7 thoughts on “Making Barbie’s House -Floating Shelves and 3D Bulletin Board

  1. That looks amazing, Holly! I never would’ve thought to use floating shelves! And the push-pins are super useful-we keep a little container of them in our kitchen!

    I recently found a stock image of the supposedly new 2018 Barbie Dreamhouse. It doesn’t look to be a “smart house”, but rather just an ordinary dollhouse. As always, it’s got a lot of pink!

    Honestly, I’d love Mattel to make a Dreamhouse with very minimal pink for a change. What about a white kitchen, blue bathroom, and a grey sofa with pink accent pillows? That would be at least a little more realistic. And they should also add bedrooms for Barbie’s sisters…I mean, they live with her, so don’t they deserve their own space? Lol!

    You have the same birthday as my Spanish teacher’s second daughter! She just turned a year old! That’s not too big a coincidence, as tons of people share a birthday, but I wouldn’t have guessed May 4th!

    (Yeah, I may be going a little crazy right now, but I just got home from my school’s annual softball game, where we had to play outside for two hours in 97 degree Fahrenheit weather! It’s to remember a history teacher (who also was apparently quite an athlete) who passed away seven years ago, so it was for a good cause, but it wasn’t extremely exciting getting to stand around in the scorching heat! I was so glad to finally be able to get a drink of water!)


  2. I love this room! So cute and cozy and it must have really taken some time to put together, Holly! Yes, scrapbook paper is so expensive. I wait for a sale, then go crazy on it when it is sometimes half price or less 🙂 I was wondering what you used for the doorknob. How creative!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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