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Barbie “Date Night” Table & Chairs Playset Review + Unboxing

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I have been thinking about purchasing this table and chairs set ever since I saw the promotional image!

Image result for barbie furniture dining set 2017

And yes, today I finally purchased it! It was $13 from Kmart, which I think is a fair deal -it’s not “super cheap,” but it’s definitely not bad considering you get so many items!

The reason I purchased it was because I recently bought a big piece of furniture that came in a big box. I thought to myself, what can I use this box for? 

I decided that a shopping mall / restaurant would be most appropriate, as the dolls can shop ’till they drop, then dine until dusk without ever leaving the building!

But then! Oh ho! We received lots of new information about the Dreamhouse Adventures series, and I decided to build Barbie’s house instead. I then decided that this playset would fit perfectly in Barbie’s new house!

And that’s why I decided to buy this set.

The Good

► For only $13, this playset is very affordable. If you are looking to build a classroom or restaurant for your dolls, this playset would be a good choice to quickly fill the space on the cheap.

► The colours are nice. The tabletop is a lovely shade of brown, and the chairs are a vibrant shade of pink. The style of the tables and chairs is also very nice; they are modern and stylish.

► While not necessarily related to the table and chairs, the dog opens up a lot of storytelling opportunities.

► The sauce tray is a unique item that I haven’t seen before, and the menu was a nice touch which takes the set from “eating at home” to “eating at a restaurant.”

► Children (and their parents!) will benefit from the ‘plugs’ that the accessories snap onto. While they are a little bit difficult, at least it stops everything from moving around and makes playing much easier.

The Bad

► There isn’t any sauce in the sauce tray, or any drinks in the glasses. The set doesn’t come with any food accessories -isn’t that the whole point of eating? Even paper food items would have been better than nothing!

► The vase looks a bit weird -I wasn’t sure what it was at first!

► For me personally, I don’t really like the plugs (although I can see they might benefit children, or people who like to move their playsets around) because I think they make it difficult to use the table in different situations -for example, as a desk in a bedroom or classroom.

► The plugs make the accessories difficult to use in other situations. For example, if I was to put the glasses on a different table (one without the holes), it would just fall over because it is unbalanced.

What do you think of this playset? Do you think the holes in the table are annoying, or helpful?

11 thoughts on “Barbie “Date Night” Table & Chairs Playset Review + Unboxing

  1. The sushi play set works well with this cute and affordable table and chairs. I don’t like the plugs because they force the arrangement of the accessories, which isn’t necessarily in keeping with my vision 🙂


    1. I hadn’t heard of the sushi playset before, but I just looked it up and it’s so CUTE! I love sushi, so obviously I need it haha. Yeah, the plugs definitely force you to lay everything out a certain way, which kind of ruins the imaginative aspect of it.

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  2. It looks pretty nice! I think the plugs are most helpful for younger kids so the parents don’t have to worry about the tiny pieces getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner! Or lost, of course. But they look awkward on the table, and make it, as you said, less practical for other uses.

    I know this might seem weird but is that your bedroom? I absolutely love it! It’s so pretty!

    In response to what we talking about a day or two ago regarding driver’s license, you only receive a temporary license at sixteen here in North Carolina. This has restrictions as to how many passengers you can have, and how late at night you’re allowed to drive. You get the more official license at eighteen. Just thought I should make that clear. (Oh, and not every state has the sixteen year old law, It varies state to state. For example, in California you have to be seventeen.)

    Also, in one of your comments the other day you mentioned the fact that you’re nineteen. I’m guessing you must have had a birthday recently? Well then, happy belated birthday! (Oh, and, if you haven’t already, I hope you can watch Dreamhouse Adventures really soon! I can’t wait to hear what you think!)


    1. Oh my gosh, I have lost sooo many pieces via the vacuum cleanser (RIP Cali Girl Barbie shorts, never forgotten) 😂 It can also help for dogs and small children not, er, eating the pieces.

      We have similar rules with driving here, I don’t think you can drive after midnight until you are 21. (Not 100% sure, because I’m not up to that stage yet!)

      I love my bedroom too lol. Here is my room tour if you wanna take a look:


      1. Yes, small parts can be serious choking hazards for little children and dogs. That may be part of the reason why Mattel decided to change the design…but honestly, couldn’t they just snap them off anyway? I would think most toddlers would be able to do that. Dogs could probably pry them off with their teeth. I know when I was little, my dog Kasey always tried to get the little Dora the Explorer figures. She chewed at least two I can remember, but we always got them away from her so she couldn’t swallow them. Remembering things like this makes me even more aware of how long she’s been gone…over two and a half years. That might not seem like much, but I basically grew up with her. When I was little, she was a puppy, after all. But I suppose 14 years is a good lifespan for a dog, right?

        I will most definitely take a look at your room tour! Thanks! It may be a while, though, since we start exams next week. Time to start studying! Lol!

        I realize this may sound rude or just plain weird, but is your birthday May 21st? That’s one of my best friend’s birthday! And my grandpa turned 75 today! And my cousin turned 19 on May 10th. Wow, I guess I know quite a few people born in May!


  3. I suppose if you really want to get rid of the plugs on the table you could paint Blu-tac the colour of the table and press it in.
    Now that you have bought it I want it too! I have lots of ideas for it already…..!

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