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Platinum Pop and Lovin’ Leopard Fashionistas, Janessa & Chloe

Okay, so I just got back from a trip, so there’s a bunch of stuff I still need to work on -like reading your blog posts! I’ll definitely get all caught up on that within the next week or so, I promise!

Today I visited the mall and oh my gosh! Since I’ve been away for so long, there has been a bunch of new Barbie releases in the meantime. SQUEAL! I only picked up two today, but there’s a couple more I have my eye on:

-Man bun Ken

-The petite doll with the plait and the silver jumpsuit

-The new Careers tennis player

-Pink Passport ski doll (she was reduced to $15! I want her to be a body donor)

The dolls inside the box…

I ended up getting #63 Platinum Pop and #64 Lovin’ Leopard Fashionistas, both for $13. It’s funny -Fashionistas are usually sold for $12, where I live. I don’t mind paying a little bit extra, but it’s a bit bothersome all the same.

These two are my first-ever curvy dolls. I had my eye on Platinum Pop for some time now, but I bought Lovin’ Leopard on a whim.

I’ve also decided to end my Barbie Ban. I did very well in 2017, all things considered, and I’ve decided that I’m allowed to buy whatever I want in 2018 -as long as I stop spending money on food! That’s definitely the biggest offender for me.

Yay, high heels for curvy dolls! I haven’t seen that before. Both pairs of shoes are very cute, I’m sure both of them will come in handy.

I’ve named Lovin’ Leopard ‘Janessa.’ It’s a rather popular name in Barbieland -in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, one of the triplets is named Janessa, and in Barbie presents Thumbelina, Thumbelina’s friend is named Janessa.

I think she looks very sweet and friendly. She’s going to have a major part in my new ‘Neko vs Planet Fashion’ series! (that’s why I bought her -I needed a character who lives in New Doll City, not Aquifolia)

Platinum Pop will be named ‘Chloe.’ She will have a major part, too! Also -take a look at the difference between the girl’s faces. Janessa has very big eyes and a rather round face, while Chloe has smaller eyes and a more traditional ‘Barbie’ face.

I love both of their outfits! The pattern goes all the way around for both dolls.

Neat idea: What if Fashionista dolls came with accessories? Perhaps a tennis racket, mobile phone, coffee cup, a cat, a stack of books… There are so many choices! Just one small item would make my purchase feel more justified, and give the character more ‘life.’

For example, if a doll came with a cheerleading pom-pom, that unlocks such a wider story! And it’s so cheap to produce, too, it would hardly cost the company anything.

I also think it would be cool if the dolls came with a mini poster -perhaps a checklist of all the Fashionistas, or just a promotional image? I remember Littlest Pet Shop pets used to come with those, and I always tried to collect everything on the checklist.

Hey! I also had another idea! (sorry for the ramble oml) What if the dolls came with a sticker of the doll’s face? Then Mattel could sell a ‘collector’s book’ separately, with pages to put all your stickers in? That reminds me of Happy Family, actually. Each of the dolls came with a sheet of stickers, which you could put in your Happy Family scrapbook.

ANYWAY, let’s move on! What do you think of these two dolls? What new dolls are you looking forward to? Will you be sticking to a “Barbie Budget” this year?


10 thoughts on “Platinum Pop and Lovin’ Leopard Fashionistas, Janessa & Chloe

  1. I thought I was going to stick to a Barbie budget but I’ve already messed up by buying dolls on eBay as body donors. I am trying to justify it by saying they are older dolls for good prices – nude, not in boxes. Skin tone matches are getting very tricky and I’ve spent a lot of time researching online so I hope these matches are going to work. Fingers crossed!


    1. Oh, you are so right about that one! Especially when judging from online pictures. Heck, even in-store, I always think to myself
      ‘oh, if only I could bring my doll in to compare them…’ And body donors definitely doesn’t count, right? I mean, it’s not like you’re really bringing anything ‘new’ in, right?

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