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PCS Blair and Astronaut Barbie

All together, I spent $4 on these two dolls, which I think is an absolute steal. I mean, why buy a Fashionista for $12 when you can just head down to your local market and buy a used doll for $2? Granted, she might have a little texta on her face, but that’s to be expected…

Ta-da! I’m super happy because I’ve wanted these outfits for a long time. The actual dolls I don’t care for, they’re already listed and up for sale.

The dress on the left comes from 2011 Princess Charm School Blair, and the outfit on the right comes from an I Can Be 2010-ish Space Explorer outfit pack. I believe the suit was featured on an older episode of MyFroggyStuff.

As you can tell, the sewing is less than fantastic. Just look at the collar! And the sleeves! The tie isn’t fantastic, either. But I’m still very grateful. Tiny imperfections does not ruin the dress for me.

I don’t think this is the proper Blair. Yes, the hair is similar, and Blair also has the one-bent-arm, but there are two key problems here:

1.) Her body is stiff, and she has a pink bodice underneath. (It says 1999 Mattel).  I have two dolls from the same line, and their bodies are bend-n-snap.

2.) Her lipstick is too dark.

In conclusion, I don’t think this is the proper Blair doll, it’s just a blonde doll wearing Blair’s dress.

When I got this doll, she had her hair up in a bun. “Let’s take that off!” I immediately said. Oops. That was a mistake, because I haven’t been able to brush it down.

I really liked this doll, she has a sweet face. I wanted to keep her, but OH GOD her hair is soo greasy! That was a dealbreaker for me, even more so than her eternally-crazy ‘do.

But, on the positive side, I love-LOVE the space suit. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a long time.

And that’s my purchases! I am very happy 😀 I will try to go to the market again soon.


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