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Ice, Ice, Barbie -Pink Passport Ski Doll

It’s bitterly cold, the kind of cold that sweeps under your jacket sleeves and pounds at your face. I have just returned from a shopping trip, and in my bag lies a brand-new Barbie doll. I actually have no idea what she’s called (even after much Internet-scouring), because I couldn’t find her anywhere. No images. No Amazon listing. Nothing. (Creepy, right?)

Who is she? When was she released? Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

Anyway. I am calling her the ‘Pink Passport Ski Doll,’ because her packaging says ‘pink passport.’ I thought it was very odd that she arrived here, because we have never, ever, ever gotten a Pink Passport doll before. At first, I actually thought she was a Made to Move doll, but no. (Since she has a M2M body, that was a good guess though)

its scuba time 091.JPG

Here she is in the box. I am not doing my normal routine of taking photos as I open it, because I did that in my video review. That’s right! I am expanding my brand into video. And yes, I did just refer to this blog as my ‘brand.’

In case you don’t feel like watching it (that’s fair enough -I prefer to spend 2 minutes reading something than 10 minutes watching a video), I have outlined the main points underneath.

The Basics:

-At first I didn’t like the doll’s face mould (I think it’s called Millie, somebody correct me on this because I don’t want to go around saying it if it’s wrong!), but I do like the rest of the doll, so I think I’ll keep her

-I like the doll’s hair -it’s two toned, blonde with little streaks of brown underneath.

-She has a MADE TO MOVE body. How cool is that? I was just expecting articulated elbows and knees.

-The shoes don’t fit without the suit, they just keep falling off otherwise.

-The shoes are made to fit in the skis, so you can’t just chuck in any old doll wearing random boots -they have to be specifically the boots that come with this doll.

-The ski poles (I think that’s what they’re called), are bendable, but the actual skis are not. The skis have a cute snowflake pattern on them.

-The suit itself is really cute, it kind of reminds me of a scuba diving suit. I called the raw video file ‘it’s scuba time’ for that reason.

Oh, and did I mention the price? $19. Normally I wouldn’t pay that for a plain blonde doll that’s essentially a ‘career’ doll, but hello, she comes with skis! And she’s fully articulated! Plus, I kept waiting for the Skateboarder M2M to go on sale and now she’s completely sold out. 😦 So I definitely don’t regret it, even though I won’t use her that often, and I don’t think she’ll star in the photostory. I have too many characters already! But I do really like her, I’m very happy with my purchase.

In other news, my pink plaid skirt arrived! (For my Princess Charm School outfit) It was really cheap, and although it’s a bit short (and the stitching isn’t very good), it’s still “good enough.” I really should have gotten a bigger size, though…



3 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Barbie -Pink Passport Ski Doll

  1. You could always behead her and put another doll that you like better on her body, one that isn’t made to move. I have enough Millie dolls but since so many M2M bodies have her face, I buy them and then swap heads with someone else.


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