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2017 Barbie Aztec Chic Fashion Pack

I bought this for $20 off Amazon, which is what I have paid in the past for similar items from the shops. It’s funny how I have no problem spending $20 on 2 outfits for Barbie (which is barely any material!) but just can’t justify spending $20 on a shirt for myself.

The package was supposed to arrive on 12 July, but it ended up arriving on 3 July, which was so unexpected! It was a nice surprise.

However, the packaging is confusing. Why is it SO BIG?? Isn’t that terrible for the environment?? I ordered two fashion packs at the same time, surely they could both fit in there? I don’t see why Amazon doesn’t combine shipping, it seems so silly to me. And expensive! $10 shipping for a few items is fine, but $10 each item? Garrghh.

And another complaint: why isn’t there PayPal? Amazon is the first website I’ve ever bought from that doesn’t offer PayPal (and I am obsessed with online shopping!)

Here it is in the packaging. I guess it’s okay, but not very creative.

One more complaint about Amazon: Why can’t you change the prices to suit your currency? For example, I saw a Fashionista for $9.99 and thought ‘wow! So cheap! I’ll have to get that!’ only to reach the checkout and realise ‘oh, it’s not actually $9.99, it’s $13.00.’

Here’s the first outfit. Aren’t there colours in the dress lovely? What first attracted me to this fashion pack was all the beautiful colours!

(sorry the photos are a bit dull, it gets dark by 4pm nowadays)

Look at that neckline! I didn’t notice it in the promotion pictures.

The shoes are really cute, I’m sure they will go with loads of outfits. I have ones from the same mould, but in a mulberry colour.

This is the second outfit. Again, the colours are gorgeous! *the shoes didn’t come with the outfit pack*

The shirt reminds me a bit of a scuba-diving top. If I don’t end up getting a Dolphin Magic doll, I can always use this for snorkelling.

It’s really unique, I don’t have anything else like it. I love it.

The purse is highlighter yellow, like the skirt. It’s hideous, I’ll never use it.

You can’t tell in the other picture (the shirt is covering it), but the skirt has a cool black waistband around it. It’s fringed along the bottom, too.

The skirt’s velcro goes all the way around and the material is really tough. You can tell it’s good quality.

And there we are! Overall, I’m really happy I got these outfits. I just love new clothes!

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