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Let’s Discuss The New Kmart Toys!

I went to Kmart today, and there were so many new things! I thought I’d just quickly write about them.

This mermaid I almost bought -and I probably would have her by now, if it wasn’t for those arms! They’re like zombie arms! As I have mentioned, I am very excited for Barbie: Dolphin Magic (although a little less excited than I was before, now that I know it is a ‘puppy’ movie).

As you can see, she can turn from a human to a mermaid. Which I think is cool! It reminds me of the 2010 Merliah doll I wanted so badly. Her hair is nice and long, and I like the red streaks. The dress is not the prettiest thing in the whole world, but it’s alright. But her fingers are stuck together! And her face looks so BLANK! Is it bad to say I miss the full-on makeup days, pre-rebranding of the Fashionistas?

I wonder if her arms can move to the side.

And here she is in ‘mermaid’ form. Her hair is really lovely here (too bad it didn’t look like that in real life, haha!) I love the dolphin, and the seashell comb is a nice touch. However, I am concerned about the flat feet in the mermaid tail, and it really looks like she can’t move her arms to the side. And again, the fingers bug the heck out of me.

Perhaps I can do an arm transplant? I’ve done one of those before, and everything worked out fine. It’ll be tricky to find a good skintone match, though…

And here we have the new furniture packs -the pet playstation, the beach chair and the hammock. If I had to pick one, I’d pick the beach chair. I’m glad they’ve finally arrived here -in late August! Didn’t they release in January? Anyway, I’d better stop moaning and be grateful…

And then we have the ‘shoe girls,’ which I have been seeing on Amazon for some time now. I really like the brunette girl’s dress, but not for $19! I suppose it’s a fair price -Fashionistas are usually $12 each, and accessory packs are usually $5, but still. I wouldn’t purchase either.

And here we have the Cub Chelsea clubhouse! Which is cool, but not really ‘my style.’ I think it’s definitely more for playing with, in comparison with somebody like me who doesn’t actually play with their dolls anymore.

So that’s what there was! I really can’t wait for the Dolphin Magic trailer to release. I know it’s not a full movie, but still. It looks like there aren’t going to be any more full movies anymore… It’s unusual for us to not hear anything for so long, especially since Video Game Hero released so early in the year. I hope I’m wrong…

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