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Barbie 2017 School Fashion Pack

When shopping on Amazon some time ago, I was immediately, I was drawn to the Aztec fashions -not the school fashions. However, upon arrival, I realise that I do like the school fashions much better.

I wasn’t too sure about the plaid pants to begin with. Actually, I thought they looked a bit like pyjamas! But now I like them -they’re bold, and fun.

I was surprised to see it came with the pink shirt, too, I must have missed that in the promotional picture.

This bag is possibly my favourite thing in the whole pack. The straps can bend, too!

The headband is a bit childish, but I think the whole pack definitely has a childish / cute / thing to it.

I love how this jacket actually closes, all of my other Barbie jackets don’t. Again, the design is a bit childish -I’d rather the ‘B’ by itself, without the horseshoe graphic.

Here’s a close-up on the dress. The pleats don’t go the full way around.

Here are the shoes, aren’t they lovely? I’d like a pair in black, too, please 😉

Seriously though, the detailing! I love the buckles!

I was really excited because the backpack opens, but unfortunately you can’t even fit anything in there :/ WHY DO YOU RAISE MY HOPES?

Overall, I really like these outfits. I think the pink shirt will be the most useful item, because you can pair it with almost anything, and the red pants will be the least useful. I can’t think of anything else they would match with, apart from maybe a black shirt.

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