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Happy Family Midge and Nikki

Announcement: The Barbie LIVE in the Dreamhouse trailer has finally released. We still haven’t heard anything about Dreamhouse Adventures, perhaps this is replacing it?

Today I will be showing you my 2003 Happy Family Midge and Nikki set!

I’ve lost some of the pieces -such as Midge’s shoes, Nikki’s shoes and the other dog toy.

A close-up of the accessories. That cake sure looks yummy! This set told the story of Nikki’s 1st birthday party, where the family got their dog.

Here she is! You can position the legs any way you like. I broke one of the legs off and stuck it back on with sticky-tape, so I don’t use this dog much as I used to.

If you press this lever, part of the dog pet pops up. Why? Who knows. It’s always been a bizarre mystery to me.

The dog’s nose is magnetic, so it can “hold” this dog bone. It could also hold the other dog toy, the one I lost.

If you pull this lever, it’ll stick it’s tongue out.

Here’s Nikki, being all cute. I love her little outfit! She’s such a detailed child, her face is very sweet. And real hair, too! Her legs and arms can move up and down.

And here is Midge! She’s got a little mark on her nose, but that’s okay. Her hair has stayed in extremely good condition throughout the years, considering she has been thrown in storage container after storage container. (Whereas some Fashionistas get messy hair just by sitting on a shelf!)

This is her outfit. It just screams “I am a mom with three kids and a station wagon!” I lost her shoes, so she’s wearing green ones instead. They don’t fit very well.

She has a bend ‘n snap body, with articulated elbows so she can hold a baby. (Although she’s not really strong enough to hold one, it always ends up being dropped on the floor)

The pattern continues all the way around.

Here’s a brilliant photo from miyalumix on Flickr, available from

I believe the first one is the “main” pregnant Midge, next is the Midge & Nikki pack doll, the “other” pregnant Midge and finally the grocery shopping Midge. I really love the way their hair is all straight and fixed up -it looks so much better than how it did to start with.

And that’s that! See you next time!


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