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There was a stage of my life where I was wildly obsessed with Barbie, but was ‘too old’ to be allowed to buy Barbie whenever I went shopping with my parents, but ‘too young’ to go to the shops by myself to buy it secretly. So I went quite a while without getting any new Barbie stuff! It was very painful, and I’m sure it didn’t help that I constantly stalked The Barbie Boutique on Mattel Shop.

One thing I really, really wanted was Barbie decor. A notebook. A shirt. A bag. Nail polish. Anything. If it was a human-sized accessory with Barbie’s face on it, I wanted it.

Nowadays, I don’t really ‘crave’ this kind of stuff anymore, but I do have a bit.

This is a tank top I got from Big W in 2016. I think it was $20, which I consider rather expensive -considering it’s so thin that you can’t wear it without wearing something underneath! Like, your skin literally shows through the fabric. It’s also sleeveless, which is a bother.

I think I’ve worn this once? Maybe twice?

Anyway, this came from a line called “Big W Loves Barbie,” but this was the only item to arrive to my local store. After a week or so, the rack had disappeared and I never saw this line again. There was a competition going on, where you could purchase a shirt from the range and take a photo of yourself wearing it. It was judged by creativity (aka: not a random draw), and I was one of the winners!

This was the prize! I was actually contacted by Barbie. (Not, like, Barbie the character, but representatives from the company. It was a dream come true.) It’s a Polaroid camera, case, and some film, worth over $100! We didn’t get to pick the colour -if we did, I would have picked either white or pale blue, not raspberry. My mother says it looks like a children’s “safety” camera, and warned me not to take it out in public. I ignored her advice, haha.

I was so shocked to discover I had won. It’s just whack that somebody who works for Barbie saw my picture and looked at my Barbie-filled Instagram. I wonder what they thought of my doll pictures.

This next shirt comes from Valleygirl, which is a teenage / young adult store that plays songs exclusively from Top 40 and all the girls that work there look like models. Needless to say, I was surprised to find this shirt there.

It’s comfortable, but a bit daggy, so I wear it to bed. It says “dreaming of you.”

I forget where this shirt comes from. It’s comfortable, but I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘fashionable.’ Sometimes I wear it out, sometimes I wear it when I’m just cleaning up at home, and sometimes I wear it to bed. (sue me)

This bag comes from “Barbie Week” 2009 at Target. It’s the week of Barbie’s birthday, in March. Sometimes there are sales, sometimes there’s a free gift, sometimes they forget and you get nothing. It’s quite small; I included a Barbie doll for scale. I’ve never taken this anywhere with me -but I am thinking about using it to store my pyjamas when I next go travelling.

I like the design on the back. It’s interesting how this was made almost 10 years ago, but the design is so timeless it could have been made recently.

Story Time: I bought this in 2013, after my friend invited me to the shops. I was ecstatic, because this was the first time I had gone shopping without an adult. I could finally buy something Barbie! “Oh, this is for my sister.” I explained to the friend, as I picked up a Ryan Fashionista and this colouring book. “It’s her birthday soon.” The friend was terribly embarrassed about standing in the Barbie isle.

I don’t know why I felt the need to buy a colouring book. Heck, I hate colouring! Even as a five year old, I always thought it was a huge waste of time, and never understood why teachers made us do it for hours upon end.

I haven’t done much colouring in it. I remember the book was $4, and the Fashionista was $16. This was back when they were articulated, so they were up to $20 each sometimes. Not like nowadays, where you can get one for $12!

And here’s some extra stuff -you can read about the Princess Charm School storybook in a separate post here .

This scene is from the I Can Be: A Ballerina book. The books are very similar to the ones you read when you first start school, so I’d say they are appropriate for someone 5-7 years old, depending on their reading level.

This one is from I Can Be: A Baby Doctor. Some of the books (like this one) don’t even have a plot, they’re just ‘Barbie does this thing,’ then ‘Barbie does this thing.’

Others (such as I Can Be: A Ballerina and I Can Be: An Artist) do have plots, but they’re very simple, and usually revolve around pets destroying things.

This one is from I Can Be: An Actress. All of these books were produced in 2012, by a company called ‘Pixi Books.’ There’s no author.

This one is from I Can Be: An Artist. I wish there were books produced for an older audience, like 8-10 years old. They wouldn’t have to be complicated, perhaps like the Bindi Irwin series, or the Ever After High novels. But I suppose that’s not really the target age group for Barbie, is it?

This one is from I Can Be: A Pastry Chef. Many years ago, I purchased an few older Barbie books -I think they were from the 90s- and they featured real Barbie dolls! I thought that was really awesome; I wish they still did that nowadays.

This one is from I Can Be: A Popstar. 

-Pace! ❤




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