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Dreamtopia Candy Dolls

Hello, friends! Remember when I did that Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus review and I decided I wanted a Barbie Careers: Ice Skater doll? Yeah, I’ve been looking like mad, but it seems like she’s been discontinued. All I’ve seen is the fire fighter and the new baby doctor / dentist playsets.

Her outfit is more of a skirt, her face is boring AF and her body is stiff and unuseable. But hey, at least she comes with ice skates and a trophy? …Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t buy her! I think I would have regretted it later on.

When I went to the shops the other day, I saw this really cute Dreamtopia mermaid, but I didn’t end up getting her because I was worried she would look expressionless in photos. Danika, a similar 2015 fairy, sometimes looks a bit expressionless. I don’t think I’ve seen these mermaids before, but she released in the US about a year ago. Gotta love getting things late hahAHAHAHA. *sarcasm*

Do you like her? She was $13, same price as a Fashionista -but since she’s a mermaid, she has no proper clothes, which means you’re getting a better deal when you buy a Fashionista as you get more stuff. But I don’t really like any of the current Fashionistas, and I have lots of clothes already. Tough call.

Anyway, I went home (without the doll) and watched this video

The above video explained that there are three kinds of Dreamtopia dolls -Candy, Rainbow and Gem. Candy is my personal favourite -remember when I mentioned I particularly liked the blonde princess? Turns out she is the Candy Princess!

The above video only features the Rainbow and Candy dolls, not the Gem ones.

Here’s a better look at the Candy girls. In the video advertisement, she has curly hair, but here (and irl) it is straight. She has the sweetest face. I wonder if she would match the Lea M2M skintone? I have a two M2M Leas, one is on Neko and the other is on Drew. I was planning to make Drew a ‘main character,’ but she didn’t fit well into the storyline, so the Candy Princess can have her body.

And hopefully I have an old Fashionista lying around, she can take the Candy Mermaid body.

I really do like their outfits, they’re sweet, but the stiff legs would bother me to pieces. They’d definitely need to be rebodied. It’s such a shame the skirt isn’t a dress -I don’t really have any tops that would match that kind of skirt.

While I am going to look for the Candy Mermaid and Candy Princess, I’m not sure if I’m sold on the Candy Fairy. I guess we’ll see!

These are the ‘gem’ girls, and are my least favourite. I just don’t like all that sparkly stuff -and is that a wonky eye on the mermaid? Or maybe I’ve just been staring at it too long. Surely they wouldn’t use a wonky eye in a promotional picture!

And finally, here are the ‘rainbow’ girls. I quite like the Princess, but the other two are a bit ‘meh.’ Colourful hair doesn’t make you special!

Why am I obsessing over Dreamtopia dolls?

Well, mostly because I watched the EverythingDolls review and now I’m like I MUST HAVE THIS, but also because it’s been a looongg time (a month) since I’ve last bought a doll. It’s like an addiction, I just get so desperate and it’s all I can think about!

I guess, even though I’ve never really liked the Dreamtopia dolls, I am just getting a bit desperate for those 2017 Fashionistas. For goodness sake, it’s May! Halfway through the year!  It seems like everywhere else has them! Surely they should be coming soon?


I’m doing a terrible job with savings this year. Today, I spent five dollars on LUNCH. It was so good, though, the kind of lunch that fills you up until dinnertime (or maybe that was just because I ate it at 3pm?) Anyway, the “Barbie Budget” has basically gone out the window.

Maybe next year? *laughs weakly*


I went to Target! Yup, a one-hour bus ride for the sole purpose of getting this doll.

No, not this one! (although it is very, very rare to see a non-white doll here, so I figured I’d take a picture)

Here’s the front of the box. It matches well with the ‘sweetville’ theme.

And here’s the back. I don’t really like the design, but I don’t hate it either. It’s nothing special- but I suppose it’s better than a plain pink background covered in writing.

The tail comes disconnected. When I first saw one of these mermaids in the shops, I thought ‘Ha! Her tail is broken!’ The end of her tail looks lovely and transparent, it looks really nice.

A close-up of her face. It reminds me too much of the Teresa M2M -I hated that doll’s face. I think it’s the nose. It looks too …defined.

Here’s the tail all connected. There’s a bit of a gap, I’m not sure if I did it correctly -but it’s not coming out again, so I suppose I’m stuck with it!

Update: The tail fell off a few months later. I stuck it back on, and it hasn’t come off since.

The pattern ends around the back. Cost cutting, much?

Let’s take a closer look at her hair -isn’t it nice? I love the colours and the pink streaks. The little shell is cute, too.

Ew, look at that blush! I’m not sure if that’s a ‘style,’ or it’s just rubbish facepaint.

A little nail-polish remover and it’s basically gone!

Now, onto the fun part! (before I remove her tail, because there’s no way I’ll be able to think of storylines for a mermaid)

Want to know a secret? This backdrop is a calendar.

I was a little sad to remove the tail, since it is really cute. But until Dolphin Adventure comes out, I’ll never use a mermaid.

And here she is! She wears a homemade dress that was already on the donor body. The skintone doesn’t match at all, but that’s okay.

I don’t think she’ll join the main group of dolls, her face is annoying. And while taking these photos, her hair kept coming out in chunks. I haven’t even brushed it yet.

Overall? Impulse purchases made in desperation are bad. $13 gone. Maybe she’ll be Danika’s cousin, and come over for a holiday?

UPDATE: I named her Tiffany, although I might change that later, because she doesn’t look much like a Tiffany, does she?



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