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Barbie and Ken Break Up (again), Articulated Curvies and Other Stories

Years Later, Lammiily Isn’t That Popular

Do you remember Lammily? I know I sure do.  I think her big debut was Christmas 2014, and hoo boooy, did she make my life difficult!

Every doll site I visited, news about Lammily popped up everywhere -as if there hadn’t been plenty of other ‘real’ dolls produced before, all flops, of course. To name a few -Wee 3 Friends, Get Real dolls, Happy to Be Me, The Get Set Club, etc.

I encourage you to read more here, this piece sums it up nicely: https://playbarbies.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/opinion-someone-needs-to-create-an-anti-barbie/

Anyway, mainstream news outlets caught on about Lammily too. In the local newspaper! On the television! On non-doll-related news sites! On social media! Everyone in real life was talking about it, too. “Ooh, Holly, did you hear about Barbie’s new competition? People are going to like Lammily a lot more, since she’s actually realistic.” SHUT UP BRENDA.

Anyway, did you hear that Lammily has a male friend now?

I sure didn’t, until recently, because apart from doll-collectors, Lammily hasn’t made a huge impact. I was worried I might see her at my local Target, but nope. Has she even hit retail stores yet?

Barbie and Ken are Officially Broken Up

What? How? When? Who knows! All I know is -Ken has a new crush and Barbie is totally fine with it. They’re still friends though.

This is quite the bummer, because when Barbie and Ken broke up last time (was it 2004?), it was a massive deal. This time, there was no announcement, just a subtle statement in a vlog that’s only seen by a mere 70, 000 people.

The last time Barbie and Ken were officially called “a couple” was waayy back in 2015 in Life in the Dreamhouse. Before Life in the Dreamhouse, it was in 2010 with Barbie: A Fairy Secret.  Since then, yes, Ken has been mentioned, but never as “this is Ken MY BOYFRIEND.”

What does this mean? How did this happen?

Who are Barbie’s Friends, Anyway?

Seriously. Since the Fashionistas don’t have names (and don’t seem to represent Barbie’s core friends, anyway), it’s getting a bit confusing.

Well, we know Renee is definitely still there -she has been mentioned several times in Barbie’s Vlogs, and she starred in Barbie: Spy Squad. 

Teresa’s still there, too. She was mentioned in Barbie’s vlogs, and was also in Spy Squad.

Harper’s a new face -she has only been mentioned in Barbie’s vlogs, and there has only been one doll of her. So far, I really like her.

It seems Nikki, Ryan, and Grace 2.0 have both left -I don’t think there has been any mention of them since Life in the Dreamhouse. It seems like Midge, Raquelle and Summer are gone, too, although Midge and Raquelle have been featured in the Barbie Style range. That was quite a while ago, though.

What about Christie? She appeared in Barbie and her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure but hasn’t been mentioned since, I believe.

It really bums me out that I haven’t seen any of my favourite Barbie friends in such a long time. It just makes me wish that Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures would hurry up and premiere already, perhaps that’ll allow us a greater insight into who Barbie’s current friends are.

Mattel Can Produce Articulated Curvy Dolls, But Isn’t

If you’re following @barbiestyle on Instagram, you’ll know that Mattel has teased images of ARTICULATED CURVY DOLLS.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing them in the future? Or is this just a little joke? ‘haha, you thought you were getting cool new dolls, psych!’

Also: Fashionisto2k is coming back to Flickr! How exciting! I truly thought he was gone forever.

Also Also: There still hasn’t been any more information about the next Barbie movie (unless you count Dolphin Adventure, which is less a film and more a ’60 minute special.’) DOES THIS MEAN THERE ARE NO MORE MOVIES?? What is happening??



9 thoughts on “Barbie and Ken Break Up (again), Articulated Curvies and Other Stories

  1. Interesting post, particularly the bit about Lammily. I’ve got both the Lammily dolls and the Boy Lammily, as well as Tracy Turnblad, and I just finally bought Dasia. I love having diversity in my collection and in my mini-universe and my photo stories. But I don’t know if any of these dolls have taken off with children. The only dolls I see in shops are the Disney princesses, which seem to be more prevalent than Barbie. There’s also the Lottie dolls, which were made as an alternative to adult fashion dolls. I have two of them to represent children in my mini-universe, as well as a Lori doll, a mini-AG doll, and Chelsea and a SIS little sister. I love mix-and-matching dolls in my stories.

    PS My Barbie and Ken are still together! 😉


    1. And of course Mattel can make an articulated curvy doll – I’ve got a OOAK Madam Lavinia, curvy and articulated. But why do they do anything they do? Who knows…


      1. It’s a real bum, I say. When barbiestyle was first launched, I swear I read on the Barbie Collector website that the account would feature ‘products and fashions available for purchase!’ Hah, that’s a joke.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Ah, I’ve heard good things about Dasia! I’ve seen other people work other doll brands into their stories quite nicely, but frankly I am much too attached to Barbie to allow her to share the spotlight with anyone else. I had to search up the Lottie dolls, and gosh they’re cute! ‘Autumn Leaves’ is my favourite. As for my Barbie and Ken? I sold Ken months ago and Barbie is yet to notice! But if they were to produce the male in the barbiestyle picture, that would be a different story…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s hope! 🙂 They’re rather expensive here, too. $27 when they first came out, $19 now. Where abouts do you live? I’m from Australia.


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