Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot

Last night, I drank a mocha thickshake because I thought ‘oh, mocha isn’t real coffee, it won’t keep me awake!’

Spoiler alert: It did.

So unlike a normal person, who would be sleeping at 11pm, I was dressing my dolls. Because I am not a normal person. Here are the results:

Let’s take a closer look.

Neko wears a gorgeous sparkly dress from a formal fashion pack that was produced around 2011, perhaps? I got this dress second-hand, so the straps are broken, and the Velcro isn’t sticky anymore. There’s a lot of sticky tape being used here!

Barbie wears Chris’s gold dress (The Doll Evolves Fashionista 2016) paired with my new cat ears, from a single-dress fashion pack, and a cute little black purse.

Imogen wears a dress from a single-fashion pack I got in 2009 or so. I remember I hadn’t gotten any Barbie in such a long time (one or two years, because by that stage I was ‘too old’) so it was such a wonderful new dress. I ended up breaking both the straps, so they’re stuck to Imogen with sticky tape. The glasses are from the Let’s Go Windsurf playset.

Danika wears a Day to Night jumpsuit underneath a Princess Courtney Rock n Royals Budget doll skirt. She wears a headband from my 2011 Cutie Fashion Pack. I really, really love this outfit -it kind of has a ‘circus’ vibe to it, I think.

Danika wears some sparkly shoes, too. They really help to tie the outfit together.

Kayla wears …well, honestly, I have no idea where any of the pieces of her outfit are from. I know the bracelet is from Chris (The Doll Evolves Petite Fashionista 2016).

Er, I just realised I don’t know where Aimee’s dress is from, either. I think her jacket is from a Star Stacie doll?

Regardless, I think they both look fab ❤

Aimee wears I Can Be a Netball Star trainers with her dress, because, well, she’s Aimee, and she can do what she likes.

Kayla wears Wave 3 Sweetie Fashionista shoes with cute little bows. I normally try to dress Kayla in more ‘sporty’ outfits, but just for today she is dressed up all girly. I think she looks really good! I especially like the gold accessories.

Jewel wears a Rayna Rock n Royals Budget doll dress, paired with a Cali Girl Barbie jacket and a necklace from a Sassy doll. I don’t know where the belt is from, but I have a suspicion it is from a MyScene doll. At first I thought this outfit looked a bit odd, but once I added the black accessories, I think it looks a bit ‘out-there rocker chic.’

Holly wears a black tube top from a 2015 Football Fashion Pack and leggings from a Made to Move Barbie. She wears a necklace from Barbie Style Glam Night Neko.

So many flyaway hairs! Darn this pale background!

Group shot! It’s interesting how they look as though they’re different heights, even though they’re all the same?? I suppose some must have been leaning against the backdrop.

A little behind-the-scenes pic. No fancy stuff here! (although I was standing directly in front of a window because natural light is the best light)

One last photo of Aimee because she’s a star and I just kept taking photos. Oops!

Oh, I also visited Big W, Kmart and Target today. Nothing new in any of the shops 😦 I don’t know why I keep looking if I’m trying to save money, grr! I’m glad I snatched up those two single-dress fashions, though, because I haven’t seen them in the longest time.

2 thoughts on “Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer Photoshoot

  1. It’s perfectly normal to be dressing your dolls at 11 pm – I’ve been known to dress mine at 3 am!
    That necklace is from a Barbie Style Glam Night Raquelle, whose face is the same as Neka’s. The only way I know this is because I bought her recently and one of my dolls is currently wearing that necklace. I’m really impressed with how well you remember where these clothes came from!


    1. Ah, that’s it! Many thanks 🙂 I can also remember all the names of my Littlest Pet Shop pets, which I have barely glanced at in, what, eight years? But yet, I can’t seem to remember all the parts of a cell, or all the countries in Europe, funny how that works!

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