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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Review

Hello all! My computer broke (through no fault of my own) and the people have given me a ‘loan’ computer, which suggests they will probably be taking a very long time to fix it. It has broken a few times before (again, no fault of my own) and it’s quite a bother. Anyway, since it’s a loan computer, I think they might be able to see my browsing history afterwards -can you imagine if they went through it and saw ‘barbie and the magic of Pegasus’ all over my history? Ha ha, they’d think I was a right weirdo.

Anyway, as mentioned, today I will be reviewing the WONDERFUL 2005 film Barbie and the Magic and Pegasus, but first I’d like to show ya’ll what I saw at the shops today (feel free to skip over this bit if you’re just here for the review).

The selection was dismal at best, but on the bright side, there was four new items. Today I checked Big W, Target and Kmart.

Here’s the first new item -a transparent, glittery horse with an ice cream cone on it’s head. Can you imagine -paying $39 for a see-through horse? Good gosh! It’s quite hideous, if you ask me.

There was three new outfits, too. There wasn’t a price, but I paid $8 each last time. I quite liked the red one (it reminded me of a Teresa from an earlier Fashionista wave), but I didn’t like it enough to buy it -only because my dolls need more casual clothes, not fancy dresses. The green one was okay, but the purple one was so not my style!

That was all. I hope I’ll be able to visit again in a few days, to see if they’ve released the new Fashionistas yet. Oh -they’ve also sold out of the Skateboarder Made to Move dolls. I hope they bring more out… They didn’t even go down in price yet!

The Review

I bought this film for $12, which is generally the standard price for older films where I live. They’ve re-done the cover lately, which I made a separate post about, but I have the older version, which came with four 3D glasses. I decided not to watch in 3D, only because the glasses look rather silly.

The film uses many elements from the 2006 film Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses, which is my absolute favourite Barbie movie ever. I’ve thought about doing a review on it, but I want to do something more in-depth, like a character analysis or something. Anyway, the Magic of Pegasus uses the same animation style, hairstyles, clothing and most importantly, background sound effects! They’re usually short, classical, and enable the audience to determine the mood of the scene -happy, sad, scary, etc. You don’t realise how often these things are used, but as soon as they started to play, I immediately knew where they were used in 12 Dancing Princesses, eg; ‘oh, that’s the same sound that plays when Rowena walks into the girls’ bedroom.’

But maybe that’s because I’m a crazy person who needs to leave the house more often. 😛

The main character of the film is Princess Annika -an overly optimistic teenager who loves to skate, often at the expense of her overly protective parents’ wellbeing. Annika is annoyed at how her parents treat her like she’s a child, and often rebels against them by going out when she’s not supposed to. (Gotta love teenagers, right?) However, her parents have a reason to be overly protective -their first daughter, Princess Brietta, was approached by a strange man, who asked to marry her. When Brietta’s father refused, Brietta was turned into, get this: a Pegasus!

On Annika’s 17th birthday, Wenlock (the creepy dude who has magical powers to turn people into flying horses) returns, and asks to marry Annika. Annika flat-out refuses, and Wenlock turns Annika’s parents and the entire village into ice. Then, bam! Brietta appears, saves Annika and shows her where all the cool flying horses hang out -CLOUD KINGDOM!

Annika is shocked to discover she has an older sister, and finally understands why her parents were so protective. She feels guilty for saying such awful things, and vows to unfreeze them by creating the mythical Wand of Light, the only thing that will save them.

But -plot twist! Annika only has three days before the spell will become permanent. So she, Brietta, her bear cub Shiver (yup, an actual bear) and the witty Adian (Annika’s love interest) set off on a quest to build the wand of light before it’s too late. On their journey, they encounter crazy storms, giants, dangerous forests, collapsing ice palaces, hidden underground caves, avalanches and all kinds of things that just make this movie so exciting! Even though I had seen this film many times before, I was always wondering ‘what’s going to happen next?’

Annika is played by THE QUEEN Kelly Sheridan, and her character is just ‘classic Barbie.’ She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she’s clever, sarcastic, witty, brave, and all things awesome. There’s also just something about how the older characters move, it’s just so dainty. I think it’s because the animation studios weren’t that advanced, but still, I like it. Her hair also has that ‘classic Barbie princess’ style, which I have tried (and failed) to recreate in real life.

Oh, and did I mention her clothes? Princess Annika has awesome fashion sense -hello, a 3rd century princess wearing pants? I also particularly like the dress that Rayla the Cloud Queen gives her. Speaking of which, isn’t Rayla stunning? She really is one of the most beautiful characters.

Take note of the castle behind Queen Rayla -isn’t it detailed? This film is absolutely packed-to-the-brim with stunning details like that. It’s interesting to compare, say, the beautiful forest in the Magic of Pegasus, in comparison to the trees in the Secret Door, which are hardly as detailed or as nice. It just shows that Mattel is getting a bit, well, lazy. I suppose if they are still making money, why waste time on the little details?

Annika’s bedroom is stunning as well, it’s such a shame we didn’t get to see more of it. Overall, the beautiful animation in this film is just what makes it so GOOD. It’s very, very visually appealing. Every scene, from Wenlock’s hideaway to the snowy tops of the mountain, is absolutely lovely.

There is one question I have, though -where is this film set? It’s obviously freezing cold since the entire river was frozen over, and hello, polar bears! I think it’s somewhere in Scandinavia, since I don’t think the English came to the US until the 1600s or something. And I can’t imagine it being Russia. But are there polar bears in Scandinavia? Don’t they only live in the Arctic?

I do have a few negative things to say, though. When Annika first met Adian, she promised him ‘all the gems you can carry’ in return for helping them. But when Annika says goodbye to Adian, she basically just runs off, leaving both of them feeling terrible because they assume they’ll never see each other again. Thankfully, they reunite a few hours later and it’s all very romantic. Although they don’t show it in the film, it can be assumed they are married when Adian introduces Princess Annika to his parents. Imagine -your son takes all of your money and runs off to live in the forest, only for him to return a few years later married to the princess! 

Another negative point -it’s not realistic. I can deal with Pegasuses, and magic wands, and evil warlocks. But throughout their whole three-day journey up a huge mountain, Adian only carried a small backpack, and they were never shown drinking water or eating the entire time. And where did Adian get the logs to light the fire in the cave? What happened to his horse? Did he just abandon the poor thing? Aren’t horses expensive?

One final negative point -you can watch this film in either ‘regular mode’ or ‘3D mode.’ I selected ‘regular,’ because I didn’t want to look like a dork wearing the 3D glasses, and yet the things on the screen didn’t look quite ‘regular.’ When you were watching it, you knew it was made to be seen in 3D, since the clouds sometimes looked a bit green, distorted and just ‘not quite right.’ When Ollie was throwing the vegetables in the pot, again, you could definitely tell it was made for 3D, because it almost seemed as though they were coming out of the screen. And this was just in regular mode!

FWI: I have watched this film in 3D before. It’s not the same as watching 3D in the cinemas, but it’s still good, especially since this is from 2005 and the glasses are only paper with cellophane. When you are watching the scenes that are in 3D, and you take your glasses off, there is quite a difference! Everything is blurry and green, so I know for sure I didn’t accidentally select ‘3D mode.’



This movie is fantastic. Brilliant. The storyline is engaging, the characters are interesting (Adian was my favourite, because his banter with Annika in the forest is too funny), and most of all, the movie is beautiful. The expressions, the mountains, the clouds, it’s all just lovely and very soothing. Oh, the music is nice, too.

What about the children?

I think children would like this movie a lot -I sure did, when I was a child! However, they may find some scenes a bit difficult to understand, such as where Adian talks about how he gambled away all his families money, and why Wenlock turned Brietta into a Pegasus. Even if they don’t fully understand the whole story, they might just enjoy watching the ice skating and flying-in-the-clouds scenes.

They may also find some scenes with Wenlock scary, and there are a few battle scenes. I wouldn’t worry about the romance between Annika and Adian, it’s all very child-friendly.

What about the adults?

I can’t really answer this question. Even though I am an adult now, I have grown up watching Barbie movies and they’ll always have a very special place in my heart. If you’re an adult that enjoys other children’s movies, particularly Disney Princess films such as Frozen, you may enjoy this film, even if you have never seen a Barbie film before,

If you have never seen a Barbie film before, as an adult, I suggest starting off with an older film, such as this one, just because films such as Barbie: Spy Squad have plots that are significantly less complicated and less visually pleasing.

Ugh, the only reason Annika survives is because Adian saves her! Why do the men always have to do everything?

Yes, it’s true. Without Adian, Annika would have died. She would never have gotten out of the net, she would never have gotten the Wand of Light welded together, she would never have been able to read the sign on the ice cave, and she would have been stuck under the snow pile forever. We get it -Adian saves Annika a lot.

But guess what? Without Annika, Adian would never have seen his parents again. He would never have learnt about second chances, and opening up to people. He would have been stuck living in the forest, by himself, for the rest of his life. So, in a way, Annika saved Adian too.

Also, it’s important to point out that Annika does lots of things on her own as well. She’s very clever -look how she managed to manipulate Ollie! And convince Wenlock’s wives to hand over the Wand of Light! She’s optimistic, and teaches Brietta how to dream big and stay focused. She’s strong, and witty, and she never gives up hope. Plus -she eventually fights off Wenlock on her own and ends up saving her entire kingdom.

After seeing this film, I have decided that I am going to indulge in a Barbie Careers: Ice Skater doll. It’s a shame they don’t sell the outfit just on it’s own, because I really only want it for the ice skates. Perhaps I can just make them? I’ll have to look it up.

Hope Has Wings

The main song of this film was Brie Larson’s ‘Hope has Wings.’ It’s a wonderful song, and really ties in with the message of the film ‘there’s always hope.’ My favourite part is the beginning, it somewhat reminds me of ‘On Top of the World’ from Barbie: Princess Charm School.

“When I’m stuck on the ground,
There’s no up, only downs,
Every step sends me falling,
Not sure how to begin,
How to rise like the wind
So that soon I’ll be soaring

I just breathe and let myself believe…”

I like it because it often relates to something I’m going through in life -often we feel as though we are ‘stuck on the ground,’ but when we have hope, that’s when we truly begin to ‘soar,’ as the song / film says. I also just like the song in general, it’s a really good pop song and doesn’t sound childish or anything. Unlike some other Barbie songs… *cough* Secret Door *cough*

It’s interesting to note that I’d much rather listen to ‘Hope has Wings’ in comparison to Video Game Hero’s ‘Change the Game.’ Is the quality of music going down, or is the audience for Barbie films changing? Or is it just changes in the music industry?

And now, onto my favourite section!


In my opinion, this film has some of the best-looking dolls ever produced. This photo comes from Ilaria on Flickr, and was taken in 2012. It is available at

I love LOVE Brietta’s outfit, and I think her hair is so beautiful -but those eyes! Why do they look like she’s either drunk or about to fall asleep? Annika is simply stunning, I love her face, her hair, her outfit, her crown, everything. Gorgeous. I would pay a lot for her.

Even though Cloud Queen Rayla wasn’t in the film that often, there was a doll produced of her, too. I’m glad, because she’s just as beautiful as her character! I think her face is incredibly sweet, her dress has so much detail and her hair is so regal.

Adian, on the other hand, looks like one of those dolls you find for 2 dollars at a market. It’s just …His face. It looks odd. His clothes are very similar to the ones worn in the film, but they don’t look very high quality and overall, just plain boring! Adian is such a good character in the film, but unfortunately this doll just doesn’t do him justice.



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